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Please pardon the rumble and jumble. I’ve been off the radar for a while due to pressing deadlines (also known as work), lots of eating (something my Instagram gave away) and finally – a true blue vacation (woohoo!!!). I was in Singapore and Malaysia for a while back and fortunately, off to another pocket vacation in a few days.

a snippet of my recent vacation :)

I have give or take 35-45 products/places to rave about and frankly, I’m so excited about all of them I don’t know where to start (what a good problem to have!). I’m thinking some food, travel tips and of course, beauty stories in between. If you like that or have other suggestions, shoot me a comment below. I could use some help organizing my over-ecstatic thoughts!

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ps. Lola is celebrating her 2nd birthday in two weeks! She doesn’t know it yet but I have a big gift for her. *shhh*


When I lived in UAE for a while back, I had an unforgettable beauty impulsive buy. It was unforgettable to me because 1) the results were downright amazing (hence the impulsive action) and 2) because I purchased it and the ATM caught my card, I ended up taking 5 rides from the mall to get home because I was uhmmm broke. Apart from that silly memory, I have nothing but praises for the latest local beauty trend, GLAMGLOW.

GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment
GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

Taking Manila by storm, GLAMGLOW is our 911 product for those Hollywood-worthy moments such as meeting the parents, receiving an award at work, 10th year high school reunions and so on. I love how I don’t have to hoard on this in the US/Singapore through Sephora because apart from being available in the metro, the price points (Php 3750 for 1 jar that contains 17 uses worth of product) isn’t so bad too.

What our friends (naks!) from Hollywood say about GLAMGLOW

What’s GLAMGLOW anyway and which one’s right for you?

GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment (original)
GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

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The Bobbi Brown House of Foundation

Over chica with my #bblogger friends and what seemed like a lifetime’s worth of delish canapes, Bobbi Brown Philippines welcomed us to (literally) the House of Foundation. In this refreshing (pardon the pun) event, we had the opportunity to get swatched, try out and best of all, learn from their Trainer, Felix Nguyen. Below are some notes worth sharing. Get those notepads ready! :)

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Happiness By The Dozen at Twelve Cupcakes

I am snickering as I type this entry because I’m 101% sure that not a single soul (among my girls, that is) has a clue that I actually kept tabs and I can be this cheesy! :)

If you’ve been following my blog and/or Instagram, you probably figured it out on your own that I’m at my happiest when I’m with my GMC girls. A little background about these girls — they’ve known each other since preschool. They’re two batches ahead of me and coincidentally, they’re good friends with one of my cousins. I met them twelve years ago in college out of another common friend, not even my cousin. Before I knew it, I was part of their rock solid group and even their families.

To celebrate the twelve years they’ve been dealing with me (teehee!), I thought there’s no better place to bring them than Twelve Cupcakes! :) I could have waited for a better time for us to be complete (3′re missing in action being in Dubai, Tokyo and Taiwan) but with the cupcake store a stone throw from where we live, we can just come back as often as we want to.

I first discovered the cupcake joint early last year when someone brought me a couple (Green Tea Chocolate and Lychee Martini) from its hometown, Singapore. Oh my goodness. I was instantly hooked! Because ever piece is handmade (literally!) from scratch daily, the cupcakes turn out moist and fluffy (very different from being raw) every single time. They’re never too sweet which makes them perfect any time of the day.

Z: Tita Teebee can you hurry taking photos???

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If we’ve known each other for a good while, you’re probably well acquainted with my arm party/wrist candy fancy. I’m bad with strings that’s why I stick with my metals and leather. The shinier and heavier…the better! :)

Watches on the left, baubles and bands on the right. Mmmm.

Not too long ago, I added a couple of “trophy” pieces on my luxe list. One of them might take double-digit years (to maybe never! LOL) to achieve since it’s worth $33K+ (*gasp*). Two of them are on the more affordable side and one of them’s readily available here in Manila. The watch below is by SEVENFRIDAY.

Me wearing the SEVENFRIDAY P2-1

SEVENFRIDAY P2-1 deets *swoon*

Steel, industrial plants, engines, machines, wheels—the brand’s universe, as well as its designs, are strongly inspired by these elements. The products’ design is a result of these inspirations in combination with high-end production and complex construction. It is a merger of contrasting materials and styles in harmony. The products clearly target individuals with a discerning taste for quality, design, and uniqueness.

The wristwatches of Sevenfriday are built on two major elements: the box and the interface. The box, made of stainless steel, refers to the complex construction of the protective casing. Its shape and style lies between the modern and the classic, creating an exciting atmosphere. It is surrounded by an animation ring made of aluminum, enhancing its haptic and visual appeal.

Within the box, you can find the interface, which consists of hands, discs, dial, and the watch movement. All the indicators are designed and arranged in way to bring the complexity of the movement to the surface. The dial alone is made up of five separate pieces or layers, with eleven different applications. This complex construction attracts and fascinates the spectator.

If you love the industrial look and feel of over sized watches, you will lust over SEVENFRIDAY. The luxury of perfection and exclusivity (for me) totally rationalizes their limited collection range. Still looking at the roster below, I think there’s one SEVENFRIDAY time piece fit for every watch collector. :)

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