Bollicine Collection by Jewelmer Joaillerie

Over bubbles and crisps, I’d like to show you a little major lemming I can’t quite shake off:

Bollicine earrings, Jewelmer Joaillerie Margherita collection circa 2012

I was ready to kiss it adeiu when this Lunar New Year, Jewelmer re-designed it and relaunched as a key lust object in the sparkling Bollicine collection.

Featuring lustrous South Sea pearls framed with scintillating diamonds, Bollicine is a hallmark collection in the brand’s 30-years of high jewelry and craftsmanship. The symbol of infinity is evoked in gleaming circles of 18-Karat gold, cascading down to dance in anticipation of an auspicious Lunar New Year.

To further entice my lemming heart, it even has an equally beautiful, complimenting necklace.

*jaw drop*

I’m currently saving up for my Eurotrip and with this duo, I don’t know if I can make the trip happen late this year! Eeep!

For more information on Jewelmer Joaillerie, visit or contact

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