Mini Haul (Plus Discovery) From The Great L’Oreal Sale!

Unless you’ve turned your beauty radar off, you probably’ve heard from your favourite local beauty bloggers that L’Oreal Paris Philippines is having a month long sale! You don’t want to pass on the opportunity to get as much as 45% off on all of their products from makeup to hair colour to skin care. Here’s a snippet of their hot offerings:

  • True Match Foundations – from Php 899 to only Php 600
  • Color Riche Lipsticks – from Php 625 to only Php 400
  • ALL Mascaras (yes, Miss Manga included!) – Php 500 only
  • ALL Eyeliners – Php 400 only
  • Revitalift Laser Day/Night Cream – from Php 1499 to only Php 800
  • Excellence Cream Hair Color – from Php 495 to only Php 400

During the Miss Manga launch, I snagged on some must-haves that cost me only a total of Php 1500!

On the same day, I got to meet the new L’Oreal Mat Magique BB Veil. It’s their latest powder that promises a poreless, matte finish. I also got to take home one of the two shades locally available, N2.

Between the two shades, N2 is the lighter one. Since I’m currently wearing a tan, I found this to be too light for me. I liked it a lot when I tried it hence made a quick dash to Landmark Makati to get the darker shade. I’m very pleased to find out that it’s slashed from Php 399 to only Php 300!

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Unsung Heroes: Vitress Hair Polish and Cuticle Coat

I’ve had this Vitress stash for a good while now and I feel like more than anything, it deserves a little limelight. :)

If you’re at least in your 30s, it’s very likely that you’ve survived bad hair days in high school with a little help from Splash Basix Control Hair Polish. Remember this posse?

photo credit: Splash website

I’d like to consider myself rather lucky because all my life, my problems are just limited to falling hair (hello stress!), frizz, and lack of luster. I’ve tried plenty of high end and inexpensive hair products and the Splash Basix Control Hair Polish has never failed me. Especially when I had really long hair, it’s really kept my hair tangle-free and manageable without tipping off my student allowance. ;)

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Miss Phoebe x L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga

I met L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga last December in LA and Houston and thought — how come we don’t have this in the Philippines when a LOT of the Filipinas could use instant doll lashes in a couple of swipes? I was mortified to try it in stores hence got a wand for myself (it was around $5.99 on sale). It was love at first swipe. It captured my uncurled lashes effortlessly and clumped my lash base exactly how the Kawaii girls would do it. I was on the fence on getting a backup that time because I bought 5 other mascaras and just crossed my fingers that this isn’t limited edition and I can just buy again on my forthcoming trips. :)

Fast forward to last Wednesday afternoon, this happened:

photo credit: @hannahtejuco

Manga is a widely popular Japanese art style featured in comic books and graphic novels, embodied by characters with wide, big eyes. Taking this as inspiration, L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris developed a mascara specifically made for Asian lashes.

“L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris recognizes the everyday struggle of Asian women in combating short, straight, downward-pointed lashes,” shares Trisha Chua, Group Product Manager of L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris. “That is why we are proud to introduce Miss Manga by False Lash, our newest mascara that is tailor-made to meet the needs of Asian lashes – delivering 10x more volume and 2x curl in just one application.”

Upon arrival at the launch, I was handed out a kit where the first order of business is choosing which doll look I’d like to don for the day. Together with my makeup artist Jo Chan, I went for the Flirty Doll Look with a classy twist.

Jo did not disappoint. In fact, she and her hairstylist blew me away.

I need to learn how to fix my hair like this!

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Neon Dreams Come True: L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection

What’s your all time, signature summer look? Mine’s messy hair don’t care, sunblock smeared all over, and nude but defined lips. Case point:

This year, I’m keeping the same look but with a neon twist. I’m adding the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection (Php 499 each) lippies into my FOTDs for that trendy punch. ;)

From the runways of Paris to the latest makeup trends, it’s clear that summer the perfect time to sport bold statement lips. That’s why this season, L’Oreal Makeup Designer/PARIS dares women to take their looks to the next level and go beyond ordinary with its hottest lipstick collection, Color Riche Electric.

With Color Riche Electric, your makeup transformation begins by simply swiping on one of the five ultra-bold, ultra-trendy, yet easily wearable lipstick shades that can instantly brighten up any look.

I received all 5 shades from the range and like Trisha Chua, Group Product Manager of L’Oréal Makeup Designer/PARIS, I think that these bold lip candies are the perfect secret weapon this season making us look fresher, trendier, and more confident in a couple of swipes.

clockwise from far left
Glamour Fuchsia (purple), Orange Power (orange), Lincoln Rose (bright red)
Pop Up Pink, Touch of Amaranth

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K-Palette Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil

Quick poll: how many brow pencils, eye liners, and mascaras does one really need? A big handful in my case! :D I try my absolute best to slim it down to less than 30 in total and this is what’s on my rotation:

While I’m open to trying different brands and types, I think it’s very easy to say that in the eyebrow department, K-Palette has won my trust over and over again. Since I first tried their 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner in 2011, I’ve always had one in my stash. Either that or one of its predecessors in the forms of the 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil in Deep Brown or 24H Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow in Chocolate Brown. Of the three, the last is my favourite as I find it more flattering to me regardless of my hair colour. Too, the powder tip works wonders on the inner brows. It’s always even and never looks overly done.

Fresh K-Palette Finds, April 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Prime Makeup Look, September 2013

This 2015, K-Palette has a new product roster of three shades that favours a lot of women who like me, loves to doll their eyebrows for an all day lasting yet natural look and finish.

The K-Palette Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil (Php 795) is like the sweet marriage of two of their star products: 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil and 24H Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow pens. One end has a smooth, retractable pencil-type tip that’s used to draw and fill in the brows and another end that’s got a soft and translucent powder for the finishing touch.

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