Roadie Training BFFs: Snow and Antistax

It’s been 14 months since I tore my ACL and I couldn’t be happier to report that my mobility’s restored to 85%! I can now run distances as vast as 15-21K (moderately fast pace) and can bike like cray without feeling odd-tension on my left knee. God is indeed great for giving my knee another chance to recover and take me to heights and places I’ve been dreaming to reach! :)

To reward myself, I finally took the plunge and got myself a new bike specific to road training.

New toys behind me!!! <333

I naturally assembled it as soon as I got home and clocked in 8kms. the following morning to break it in.

Say hello to Snow!

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Fat-Free and Fiber Overload with Nestle Non-Fat Milk & Acti-V

at the gym 3 weeks ago

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@phoebeannramos), then you’d know that my current frustration’s defining my guns arms. I know that some of you’ll do a face palm at me wanting what I have but really, I’m tired of having plain, undefined arms.

Case point:

To put an end to my frustration, I switched my diet to mostly Paleo and amped my gym workouts. Amped in such fashion where I don’t know what to do with my life anymore after every session. LOL

at the gym 3 days ago

So far, I can only see good progress with my deltoids, triceps and flexors but still struggling on my biceps. UGHHH. Vanity aside, I’ve been killing it at the Makati pavements and at the gym because my family has a very interesting (and unfortunate) cocktail of cardiovascular diseases. While I can resist most white carbs, fried and fatty food, I can’t stop guzzling on milk and eating dairy products such as yogurt and cheese!

My kind of paradise!

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WIN a Pair of Nike Oceania Kicks in Obsidian White/Chalk Blue-Bold Berry!

Remember the shoe that made me nuts at the Nike Sportswear Fall-Holiday 2011 launch?

I’m giving one lucky reader (Metro Manila based) the exact same pair by answering a very easy question:

What’s your favourite workout routine & why?

Answer this question by:

1) following @phoebeann on Twitter
2) stating your answer plus (shoe size)
3) ending your tweet with @NikePH
NOTE: Not following instructions = disqualified *snicker*

Here’s a sample:

@phoebeann surfing cause I get toned up while getting a tan (8) @NikePH

Get a bonus raffle entry by following Fitness In Manila via Google Friend Connect (go to the site and look for the Fitness Junkies section). I will pick the winner at random on September 30, 2011. We’ll coordinate with Nike Philippines’ PR as to how you’ll get this prized pair. Good luck and start letting me know what’s your favourite workout routine! :)

Engaged Couples Say “I DO” To Fitness First’s Lose It! Program

Press Release

To rekindle their beginnings, to continue their shared adventures, to be ready for what their partnership brings and where it takes them—four engaged couples said “I do” to fitness and health.

Fitness First partnered with and in July to give engaged couples a chance to try its new and exclusive weight loss program, Lose It!, which helps individuals lose up to 10lbs. in 4 weeks. Lose It! can help members stay healthy, be more energized, or fit into that ideal dress size just in time for their most special day.

For sharing their stories, four engaged couples will be awarded a Lose It! flexible four-week exercise plan that will be tailor fitted to their fitness goals and schedules.

Jor-el Delos Reyes was a high school senior and Meg Ramos was a junior when they were first partnered for their prom. On May 9, 2011, they actually recreated their prom! Meg recalled, “I thought that it was just another fun event that our friends wanted to put up for kicks. And then the same song that we danced to seven years ago—the night we first met—played again. Jor-el asked me to dance with him, and then right there in the middle of the dance floor, he knelt down on one knee and held up a ring for me.”

Two months after the proposal, with the wedding preparations ahead of them, the stress and excitement translated to unwanted pounds. “I was slim all throughout high school and since that time in my life was important in our relationship, I would want to work on getting back that fit, cheerleader body that I used to have,” Meg added.

Meanwhile, Mirabel Calaranan and Till Rosar shared love for high waves and white water literally brought them together, having met while surfing in Bali. “I live in Manila. He lives in Zurich. We were both non-believers of long distance,” recalled Mira. But by simply pursuing their passion for both travel and surfing, they were soon consistently visiting or meeting each other every two months in various surfing destinations around Europe and Asia from Bali to Spain.

“Till, being German, likes his beer, but particularly San Miguel Beer. Imagine his surprise then to meet someone who works for San Miguel Corporation. I bet that deepened the connection,” Mira added with a laugh.

A year after the couple first met, Till proposed to Mira in Australia, a surf country they both love. If there is a fitness motivation, clearly it would be so that they can continue to just go where they’ve never been before—surf spots in particular—and no doubt, they’ll be in the best shape of their lives yet when they exchange vows early next year in Boracay.

Fitness and adventure go hand-in-hand for Gianna Kessler Von Sprengeisen and Carsten Stormer, who haven’t stopped going through first-time experiences together since becoming a couple a little over a year and a half ago. Gianna shared, “We swam with Donsol’s whale sharks, surfed Baler’s waves, visited beautiful Vigan, seen Mount Canlaon’s crater, attended my best friend’s wedding in Bangkok, hiked Mount Pinatubo and the Wohushan Great Wall in Beijing, took a 30 hour trans-Mongolian train from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, drove 1,300km through the Gobi Desert and had a 7-day horse trek in the Khentii mountain range where Ghengis Khan was born…”

Seeing new places and doing new things are simply part of the package for this two who are also planning a beach wedding in early 2012.

Especially for Madz Malaki, Ferdie King secretly set up a surprise romantic dinner on a sandbar at El Nido. “All the perfect elements were there: the beach, champagne, good food. He made sure there were fireworks when he asked the question,” recalled Madz.

Saying yes to a new role with all its expectations and resulting transformation also made her reassess her personal goals, including those concerning her health and fitness. Madz elaborated, “Ever since I started working, I haven’t been as mindful of my health as I should be. I stress-eat and don’t exercise as much. My clothes fit could fit better. I do want to get in shape in time for my wedding. More importantly, I want to be physically and mentally ready for the new chapter in my life.”

A sentiment that all brides will surely say yes to! Congratulations, best wishes and happy work-outs to our soon-to-be brides and grooms.

Fitness First is the largest privately owned health club group in the world with over 540 Fitness First clubs worldwide reaching over 1.4 million members in 21 countries. In the Philippines alone, there are 18 Fitness First clubs with over 50,000 members.

KC Concepcion x Plana FORMA

Plana FORMA, the newest and most effective workout that hit Manila recently hosted a well attended cocktail party for its VIPs, loyal clients, and the press. Just before dusk hit the Taguig City last July 21, Plana FORMA also introduced its newest ambassador, KC Concepcion.

I know what you’re thinking. KC Concepcion’s face is everywhere. When I saw the rest of her photos from the Plana FORMA site I thought — her equally stunning body deserves to be everywhere too!

For someone who seems to have a massive amount of work on her plate, I have to say that her body says otherwise. Some get too thin, others balloon up. Checkout how well-proportioned her body is!

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