Mensakaba Geishu

Today’s weather just begs for this review to be pushed forth. I was meaning to wait for the weekend after another trip before hitting “publish” but I thought of sharing my happy place with all of you for some relatively quiet and comforting me time this drizzling humpday.

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Happiness By The Dozen at Twelve Cupcakes

I am snickering as I type this entry because I’m 101% sure that not a single soul (among my girls, that is) has a clue that I actually kept tabs and I can be this cheesy! :)

If you’ve been following my blog and/or Instagram, you probably figured it out on your own that I’m at my happiest when I’m with my GMC girls. A little background about these girls — they’ve known each other since preschool. They’re two batches ahead of me and coincidentally, they’re good friends with one of my cousins. I met them twelve years ago in college out of another common friend, not even my cousin. Before I knew it, I was part of their rock solid group and even their families.

To celebrate the twelve years they’ve been dealing with me (teehee!), I thought there’s no better place to bring them than Twelve Cupcakes! :) I could have waited for a better time for us to be complete (3′re missing in action being in Dubai, Tokyo and Taiwan) but with the cupcake store a stone throw from where we live, we can just come back as often as we want to.

I first discovered the cupcake joint early last year when someone brought me a couple (Green Tea Chocolate and Lychee Martini) from its hometown, Singapore. Oh my goodness. I was instantly hooked! Because ever piece is handmade (literally!) from scratch daily, the cupcakes turn out moist and fluffy (very different from being raw) every single time. They’re never too sweet which makes them perfect any time of the day.

Z: Tita Teebee can you hurry taking photos???

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Before The Madness at HATCH 22 Cafe & Bakery

Before we all dive into another mad work/school week, can we have a quiet and rather enjoyable breakfast? While this place is getting mixed reviews both online and offline, I’ve always had the pleasure of having a luxuriously peaceful meal or to go from HATCH 22. Here are my usual suspects:

Hatch 22 Blend (Php 120 + 10% SC)

Basket 1 (Php 270 + 10% SC)

Butter Brioche, Cheddar Milk Biscuit, Cranberry & Walnut, Dark Molasses Roll, Jalapeño & Cheddar bread with Citrus Chili Marmalade & Apple Pie Butter. Oh yummm. This basket’s seriously the death of me since I can’t run still (by the way I’m off the knee immobilizer — yay!) and I love them all. My personal favourite’s the Cranberry & Walnut plus the Jalapeño & Cheddar Bread. Twin on the other hand’s head over heels the Dark Molasses Roll aka. cinnamon bun.

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Slow Down Sunday at Barcino

It’s been a while since I unplugged and had a relaxed, lengthy dinner with a friend or two. Two Sundays ago, I had the golden opportunity to do exactly that — just sit down and savor a simple meal that hit all the right spots. Choosing where to dine today isn’t rocket science but tad challenging considering my wallet’s on a diet (in preparation for all the trips I’m taking this year) and being from the South, I won’t drive farther than Mandaluyong.

image source

While I’m no stranger to Barcino Wine and Tapas Bar (I frequent  Citygold Plaza Ortigas Center and Forbeswood Heights), it’s very rare that I sit in the said restaurant on a quiet Sunday. I’m usually at the restaurant on a Friday or Saturday for some tapas and wine. Last Sunday was tad different as it’s the first time I dined at Barcino sans wine (I was driving Grey). If it wasn’t for my perfect tapas, I think it would be half the fun! *wink*

Similar to most restaurants today, while waiting for dinner, Barcino serves your table a complimentary plate of bread. My best friend and I were staring at each other until I kid him not to nosh on the bread as it might ruin his appetite. Whadayouknow the charger was dry in 2 minutes. I think that speaks volumes on how hungry we came to claim our table. :)

Shitake con Jamon, Php 320
Grilled Shitake Mushroom, Jamon Serrano with smoked pepper sauce

After we wiped the bread dry, I’ll be honest — I was starting to get really agitated because my hunger’s starting to creep in really fast and strong. Ten minutes after, our tapas in the form of Shitake con Jamon arrived. One whiff and my eyes widened with delight. If you love smokey flavours and equally love mushrooms, you must try this! It was so good (my favourite part of the meal), I’m dying to recreate my version at home to impress last minute dinner guests.

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Fat-Free and Fiber Overload with Nestle Non-Fat Milk & Acti-V

at the gym 3 weeks ago

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@phoebeannramos), then you’d know that my current frustration’s defining my guns arms. I know that some of you’ll do a face palm at me wanting what I have but really, I’m tired of having plain, undefined arms.

Case point:

To put an end to my frustration, I switched my diet to mostly Paleo and amped my gym workouts. Amped in such fashion where I don’t know what to do with my life anymore after every session. LOL

at the gym 3 days ago

So far, I can only see good progress with my deltoids, triceps and flexors but still struggling on my biceps. UGHHH. Vanity aside, I’ve been killing it at the Makati pavements and at the gym because my family has a very interesting (and unfortunate) cocktail of cardiovascular diseases. While I can resist most white carbs, fried and fatty food, I can’t stop guzzling on milk and eating dairy products such as yogurt and cheese!

My kind of paradise!

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