Thanks to our friends from Coca-Cola, I can finally post some Share A Coke snaps! :) I love how my personalized bottle came with another bottle to share with a friend who also loves to travel. T — maybe it’s a sign to travel together? ;)

T’s birthday, T in Berlin, and me snorkeling at Phi Phi Don, Phuket

My mom’s and brother’s names are pretty common but they’re just so elusive! :D Just missing a bottle with “Rey” on it to complete our fambam’s Share A Coke stash.

Have you found your name yet?

PROST Braumeister: More Than Beer & Hangers

I should be working on my post on Phuket but these snaps from a recent breakfast’s hunting me.

PROST Braumeister at the Fort Strip’s recently become a favourite hideout. More than the fun night caps, I love its simple charm during the day, brunches more specifically. You get all the TLC you deserve from the wait staff minus the hustle and bustle. I usually drive over when I need some quiet time to read, write, or work on some photos or videos on a lazy Sunday.

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Mensakaba Geishu

Today’s weather just begs for this review to be pushed forth. I was meaning to wait for the weekend after another trip before hitting “publish” but I thought of sharing my happy place with all of you for some relatively quiet and comforting me time this drizzling humpday.

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A Splash of Summer by Sample Room

Sample Room, being the ultimate “invisible thread” between me and my #bblogger gal pals, decided to whisk us away from the urban jungle and take us to Pico De Loro for a day of nothing but good vibes. For starters, wouldn’t a pair of Elements Slippers in the mail boost your mood? :)

 How about this kind of problem:

My kind dilemma: choosing a luxe piece from a rack of Soak Swimwear

I ended up with this smoldering number from their latest collection:

I got to wear it the week prior underneath my diving suit at Cebu. I found out that it’s perfect for both lounging and active ocean wear. Super flattering too! :)

Apart from the sign above, this beautiful view welcomed us:

my travel BFF (GoPro Hero 3+) with my FLY Shades and Splash of Summer agenda

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