My (Recent) Trifecta of Happiness

Call me silly and shallow but this trio’s got me all wound up and giddy the minute I saw (or purchased) them. :)

If you’re morena like me, you know how difficult it is to find that perfect melts-in-my-skintone kind of weekend sandals. I found exactly that in FitFlop Arena in Tan. Just like Due, it’s not the most inexpensive pair they sell here in Manila. At Php 5990, IMO, it’s worth sacrificing the fancy coffee and breakfast I would’ve had the last 2 weeks. LOL Gorgeous, extremely comfortable and versatile. I’m a very happy camper!

*le sigh*

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Nostalgia ala-Multiply

I’m sad. :( If we met through Female Network’s Girltalk or Multiply (my handle’s phoebeach) way back 2003-2005 then you’d probably understand why I’m greatly affected by the latter’s announcement that it’s moving aggressively towards e-commerce. Sure, I haven’t posted in my Multiply site (where I started blogging) in years but I like going back to my favourite albums every so often to read comments that never fail to brighten up my day. My most popular journal (I took all of them down when I moved to WordPress) entries are all about shopping, ninja shots in the MRT (I posted a photo that garnered over 900 comments!), and naturally, about makeup. Documenting my makeup mishaps and discoveries since 2005, wow, I’m a beauty blogger lola! LOL

Based on page views, my most popular public album is this:

only true MACaholics/Specktra members would understand what’s up with the title

AHHHH to be young and shopaholic! See some of my cannot live withouts way back 2007:

I was without a doubt, fighting acne with all my might

my then daily makeup kit

what I thought were my MAC can’t live withouts

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Sharp Wants to Celebrate Their 100th Anniversary with YOU!

Last Sunday, Fathers Day, I got all mushy and sentimental. While I share my fondness for beauty and fashion with my mom, what you probably don’t know’s that my dad (aka. Gov) shared his talent and passion for music with me at such a young age. Like all 80s kids, I grew to to singing and dancing Madonna’s Material Girl, Like a Virgin, and Papa Don’t Preach in head to toe denims. More than dancing, I (painfully) enjoyed singing. So much so that he actually purchased this set of 4 (or was it 6?) minus one cassette tapes (with song sheets!) from Sharp for us to sing all weekend at the comfort of our home. Give or take 24 years after we learned our first song together, we still sing Closer You and I (Gino Padilla) whenever we get the chance to hold the mic together. :)

an absolute blast from the past sitting pretty here at home

While it will take a lifetime and one to take this memory off my head, I’m glad that Sharp has one way or another made its way into our home. Because of our support and patronage as consumers, Sharp has reached its centennial mark this 2012!

In celebration of their 100th anniversary this September 15, 2012, Sharp has recently launched two campaigns. One is a CSR campaign slated to pay it forward while the other’s something for us to enjoy.

My SHARP Our FUTURE Campaign

From June 7 to September 15, a total of 100 days, Sharp will make a contribution for every purchase of AQUOS TV and Plasmacluster generator/air purifier. The proceeds will go to their chosen organization that endeavors to support health programs that administer vaccines to ensure that the future generation’s well and healthy.

Anniversary Share II

The Anniversary Share II site’s made out of pure fun! It works like a portal where you can upload photos or videos of anniversaries and other commemorative moments of you, your family and your friends. Once uploaded, the system will convert the photos and videos into a film. The film with then be displayed through the website from 16 June – 15 September 2012. If your photo or video ranks up to the top 5 spots, you will receive Sharp products. The grand prize? A trip to the West Coast, USA await two lucky pairs (four people)! Sweet stuff, eh?

Checkout the Twitter hashtag #Sharp100 and visit the Anniversary Share II site ( to learn more about the campaign and how Sharp wants to celebrate their 100th anniversary with YOU!


Today’s post is supposed to be something absolutely luxurious, almost icy-swell. My Saturday mornings are usually dedicated to shooting products for the blog and lazy hot cherry blossom tea sips in between. I was ready with a peg of the 9 things I currently can’t live without when one of the photo’s elements started to move like silly.

Gone are the peaceful “product shooting” mornings. =$

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La Mer The Lip Balm

Someone asked me earlier: “What are your pocket must haves?”. I immediately emptied my jeans’ back pocket and I only had two things in it:

my pocket must haves: La Mer The Lip Balm x BlackBerry 9300

To say that I’m connected 24/7’s both a cliche and a fact. My BlackBerry’s helped me catch up with my never ending emails and errr backlogs. On top of that, because I’m on an unlimited data plan, from around Php 6000/month consumption, I now average at Php 1200. More paper for my fancy coffee! :)

Speaking of coffee, I tweet once: if there’s one thing that can keep me off expensive java, it’s got to be La Mer’s The Lip Balm. It might be hella pricey for a lip balm (.32oz, approx Php 2800) but darls believe me: it’s so worth it. I’ve tried a LOT of lip balms since I turned 12, scoured both drug and department stores, spent as little as $1 and as much as $100 but nothing comes close.

To apply, just warm the balm on your fingertips and dab (not glide). One thin application gives me half day’s worth of moisture. Tip: to save the product from bacteria contamination, decant the balm on a smaller pot (that’s why my balm has a hole in the middle). I use a fresh cotton swab to “scoop and transfer”.

I get my The Lip Balm fix from La Mer Rustan’s Makati.