Ladies and gents, please indulge my green heart for a brief second. It’s been a while since we’re on top on this game. :)

Age wise, as embarrassing as it is, I’ve seen all the DLSU Green Archers’ championship bouts since 1998. My father taught me how to play ball at 10 and at 14 (1998), my passion for the game’s vastly grown (did I tell you that I used to collect and trade NBA cards?!). While I never played pro basketball (since I played field hockey for my high school prior to progressing to represent the Philippines during my uni years), I’ve always followed the games of the DLSU Green Archers. Predictably, I joined the La Sallian community for my first degree in 2000 where I got to bask in the glory of the DLSU Green Archers’ 4-peat win from 1998-2001. We failed to gain a 5-peat in 2002, got back in 2007 and this year, it still makes my heart skip a beat to realize that we’re back on TOP!

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Last Saturday’s do or die game felt like 1999 all over again considering we’re up against UST. It was INSANE. If you watched the game whether live or on the telly, didn’t your heartbeat stop every time either team gained advantage on the 4th quarter? Did you pass out during the overtime?

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CONTEST: Belle De Jour Power Planner Q&A Giveaway

You asked for it, you’ve got it! Here’s another chance to win the Belle De Jour Power Planner 2013:

1. Through the comment box below, tell us how you intend to maximize every bit of the BDJ Power Planner this coming 2013. Mention in your comment as well if you’ve shared this post via Twitter (see #2) and/or Facebook (see #3).

2. Double your chances of winning by posting this message on Twitter: I just joined @BDJBuzz and @phoebeann’s #BDJ2013Planner giveaway! http://goo.gl/rD0KV

3. Increase your chances of being randomly picked from the lot of entries by liking the Belle de Jour Power Planner page (http://www.facebook.com/BelledeJourPlanner) on Facebook and posting this message as status: I just joined BelledeJourPlanner and PhoebeAnn.me’s #BDJ2013Planner giveaway! http://goo.gl/rD0KV Don’t forget to tag the Belle de Jour Power Planner page on your status message post.

4. One winner will be randomly selected. I will announce the winner via Twitter and the original blog entry. I will also send the winner a DM (or email if available) for further instructions on how Viviamo! Inc. will send his/her prize.

5.Contest runs from December 10-17, 2012.

EDIT: Congratulations Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario! I drew lots and picked your name. :) Please check your email for instructions how to receive your prize.

Zen Zest Holiday 2012 Gift Sets

Every Christmas, I’d like to consider myself as a Zen Zest Santa. Friends, colleagues and even family members have received a Zen Zest present at least once from me. Last Christmas, I’ve accomplished 75% of my gift list from Zen Zest. Why not when all of the EDTs I’ve purchased from them smell good, last nearly the entire day and are packaged pretty well? Gotta love how after a few months, my gift recipients would come up to me just to say that they’ve repurchased my present. :)

This year, it should be no surprise that I’m giving Zen Zest products again. I just moved houses and some of my neighbors (esp. our guards) deserve a great smelling gift box. :) I got dibs on what’s new from the Zen Zest team the other night (over videoke!) and I immediately shopped for more of these products the following day. Whadayouknow I’m almost done with my giveaway shopping! Here’s a breakdown of the items above:

Kitchen Fragrance, Anti-Tobacco Room Deodorizer, Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance, Cabinet Deodorizer

These four Room Fragrances (Php 250 each, 250 ml) will make AMAZING tokens to any party hostess. I’m torn which one’s my fave because each nook of my pad and our home needs at least one of the four!

  • Kitchen Fragrance — Smells like choco hazelnut and coffee! It got rid of the tuyo aroma of our kitchen plus Lola’s natural stinkies (ewww) in a spritz.
  • Anti-Tobacco Room Deodorizer — Twin smokes in his room (don’t ask me how he can live with it) and when we sprayed this around his bed, he exclaimed  the entire room smells so good! I asked him not to smoke for hours just to check if the cigarette stench will come back or otherwise. Glad to report it didn’t. :)
  • Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance — Both Twin and I got hit by the dengue bug and we dread the day it will haunt our household again. As you can see from most of the photos in this blog, we have a lush lanai that breeds insects left and right including mosquitos. I’m absolutely leaving this in our home for the lanai so that apart from the space smelling good, we’ll also repel these biters in one step.
  • Cabinet Deodorizer — This is my mom’s favourite among all four scents because it smells like fresh linen with hints of floral. I’m keeping this because my sheets and folded laundry need more TLC.

This holiday season, Zen Zest also bottled the scent of Christmas. The Room Fragrance in Winter Wonderland (rich, spicy cinnamon and cloves) and Christmas Spirit (cinnamon and berries) are available in gift sets (Php 99, pair of 80ml bottles) and full sizes (Php 250) similar to the white bottles above. I’m using a pair for my pad plus purchased three more gift sets to give as presents to friends who just moved into their new homes.

Full Sized and Boxed: Room Fragrance in Winter Wonderland and Christmas Spirit

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CONTEST: Belle De Jour Power Planner Twitter Giveaway

TGIF! It’s finally that time of the week when we can all kick off our shoes, put our feet up and hey — join another giveaway! :) This week, I’m giving one lucky reader a Belle De Jour 2013 Power Planner! The mechanics are so simple and fun you can all do it in less than 10 clicks!

1. Follow @BDJBuzz and @phoebeann on Twitter. Make sure your timeline is set to public else we won’t see it.

2. They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Show us through a photo why you deserve a BDJ Power Planner. Did your online deals expire because you’re not able to keep track of the expiry dates? Is your desk an absolute mess? Be as creative as possible!

3. When publishing your photo, tag @BDJBuzz and @phoebeann plus use the hashtag #BDJ2013Planner. I will use all three tags to keep track of the entries.

4. Selecting one winner will be random and be announced via Twitter. I will also send the winner a DM for further instructions on how Viviamo! Inc. will send his/her prize.

5. Contest runs from November 23-30, 2012.

Good luck! Can’t wait to see all of your photo entries! :)