Rustan’s Welcomes Baby Henri!

When my good friend Sabs announced that she’s expecting a baby boy, our beauty blogger barkada was over the moon for her and her hubby. She’s at the top of her #bblogger game, got another baby in tow (Nekkid Beauty!), and really — a healthy baby’s just the icing on the cake. In the day and age where everything’s fast and rather furious, any help would be much appreciated. In Sabs’ case, she hollered on Rustan’s Weddings & Beyond to whip up a baby shower registry for her.

Just some of Sabs and Henri’s wishlist displayed at Rustan’s Weddings & Beyond Makati

I’ve been to numerous occasions where the celebrants were registered in Rustan’s. Haven’t we all? :) Whenever I ask them why they chose Rustan’s, their number 1 answer is “why not?”. Dubbed as the best “one-stop-luxury gift shop” for all occasions, Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond has proven time and time again to be the top choice when it comes to luxe bridal, children’s, and gift registry choice in the country with its personalized customer service as its signature edge. When one’s registered with Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond, they also provide free of charge announcement cards for registrants and even a sweet offer of 10% Discount Card for registrants and their guests. For brides, there’s an even sweeter deal — upon registration, you also get a free Rustan’s Frequent Shopper Plus (FSP) card. My favourite treat? Each present is handled with TLC where it’s wrapped to perfection and delivered for free within Metro Manila and Cebu. Return and exchange of gifts are also accommodated within 30 days after the registrant’s event date.

How pretty! <3

 In Sabs‘ case, she had her presents delivered to Raffles Makati where we had a noisy & shala afternoon tea party. These cuties greeted me as I walked in:

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Tattoo Trend Talks x ARMIN Only Intense

Before anything else, I’d like to say THANK YOU to Globe Tattoo for this surreal experience. Good friends and colleagues know that I’m a huge EDM (electronic dance music) girl and that I pretty much survived my yuppie years listening to Armin Van Buuren. Can you imagine how much I fan girled the entire afternoon? :)

While waiting for the first Trend Talks to start, we’re given the opportunity to listen to spankin’ EDM through Spotify. Even prior to the event, I’ve upgraded to Spotify Premium. It only costs less than a fancy venti per month!

The Big Fish bosses talking about the economics of EDM

Mikhail Schemm and Kat Razon behind the decks before they took us to the true roots of EDM

Attending this talk made me feel old like an EDM veteran. A lot of the guests were *at least* 5 years younger than me and they haven’t gone to Slinky, Cream, Hed Kandi, or God’s Kitchen. I on the other hand have gone through all of those, year after year…after year. #workhardpartyharder

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A Splash of Summer by Sample Room

Sample Room, being the ultimate “invisible thread” between me and my #bblogger gal pals, decided to whisk us away from the urban jungle and take us to Pico De Loro for a day of nothing but good vibes. For starters, wouldn’t a pair of Elements Slippers in the mail boost your mood? :)

 How about this kind of problem:

My kind dilemma: choosing a luxe piece from a rack of Soak Swimwear

I ended up with this smoldering number from their latest collection:

I got to wear it the week prior underneath my diving suit at Cebu. I found out that it’s perfect for both lounging and active ocean wear. Super flattering too! :)

Apart from the sign above, this beautiful view welcomed us:

my travel BFF (GoPro Hero 3+) with my FLY Shades and Splash of Summer agenda

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The Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox

Not too long ago, our friends from Glamourbox decided to give me a treat. This treat couldn’t be more apt cause I’ve been drowning in backlog (both online and offline…eeep!) and while I hate to admit it, it’s already taking a toll on my appearance. Breakouts here and there, dull hair, and skin asthma at that. Ughhhhh.

Rant ~fin. Let the unboxing begin! :)

Very consistent with the previous boxes I received, the Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox explodes with so many beauty candies we all can’t quite resist. Mmmmm.

Glamourbox Perfectly Pristine/April 2014 box

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A Fruity Kind of Mother’s Day

Mother Goose as a wife, a mom and a lola to Lola <3

To say that my mom’s the queen of the Ramos household’s a supreme understatement. Since she took her early retirement some 12 years ago, she single handedly took care of our family of four. Laundry, cleaning, gardening…name it, she does it! Mother Goose started off as a not too great cook but she picked up really fast and before we knew it, we were eating less tapa and more stewed and grilled yummies! :)

Apart from her stunning looks (at almost 6-0!) and warm demeanour, what we love most about her is that she never asks for anything from the shopping mall. Whenever we ask her what she wants for her birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s Day, all she asks for are the following:

  • Thank the Lord for everything you’re enjoying and enduring
  • Don’t get sick anymore (“I’m bored being Doctor Mom!”)
  • Stop eating junk food and bacon
  • Come home in one piece

After insisting time and time again what she wants to receive, my dad, brother and I always resorted to surprising her – which always turns out to be a feat! When I came home from Singapore, all she wanted was a bell. So I got her a bell – a bell shaped bag like Longchamp to replace her daily bag. She was so stoked her expression was priceless! 😀

This Mother’s Day, together with Fruits in Bloom, we decided to surprise her with an unexpected yet endearing present…only to be surprised by her in return.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mother Goose as yours truly

Fruits in Bloom takes gift-giving a notch higher by offering a heartier and healthier way to make celebrations more meaningful. Combining the artistry of flower arrangement with scrumptious gourmet fruit preparations, Fruits in Bloom provides presents that will both be pleasing to the eyes and appetites.

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