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Please pardon the rumble and jumble. I’ve been off the radar for a while due to pressing deadlines (also known as work), lots of eating (something my Instagram gave away) and finally – a true blue vacation (woohoo!!!). I was in Singapore and Malaysia for a while back and fortunately, off to another pocket vacation in a few days.

a snippet of my recent vacation :)

I have give or take 35-45 products/places to rave about and frankly, I’m so excited about all of them I don’t know where to start (what a good problem to have!). I’m thinking some food, travel tips and of course, beauty stories in between. If you like that or have other suggestions, shoot me a comment below. I could use some help organizing my over-ecstatic thoughts!

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ps. Lola is celebrating her 2nd birthday in two weeks! She doesn’t know it yet but I have a big gift for her. *shhh*

Happiness By The Dozen at Twelve Cupcakes

I am snickering as I type this entry because I’m 101% sure that not a single soul (among my girls, that is) has a clue that I actually kept tabs and I can be this cheesy! :)

If you’ve been following my blog and/or Instagram, you probably figured it out on your own that I’m at my happiest when I’m with my GMC girls. A little background about these girls — they’ve known each other since preschool. They’re two batches ahead of me and coincidentally, they’re good friends with one of my cousins. I met them twelve years ago in college out of another common friend, not even my cousin. Before I knew it, I was part of their rock solid group and even their families.

To celebrate the twelve years they’ve been dealing with me (teehee!), I thought there’s no better place to bring them than Twelve Cupcakes! :) I could have waited for a better time for us to be complete (3′re missing in action being in Dubai, Tokyo and Taiwan) but with the cupcake store a stone throw from where we live, we can just come back as often as we want to.

I first discovered the cupcake joint early last year when someone brought me a couple (Green Tea Chocolate and Lychee Martini) from its hometown, Singapore. Oh my goodness. I was instantly hooked! Because ever piece is handmade (literally!) from scratch daily, the cupcakes turn out moist and fluffy (very different from being raw) every single time. They’re never too sweet which makes them perfect any time of the day.

Z: Tita Teebee can you hurry taking photos???

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Why So Cruel, January Love?

In my head, I’m gushing about the latest lip colour, my spanking new job (long overdue but still!) or about the running apparel splurge I recently gave into because of my fitness commitment (10k run 3x a week + 1hr bike 3x a week). I had everything all set last January 19 when just before the strike of midnight, this happened.

What’s staring at you is the x-ray of my left knee taken last January 20. For those who can’t read x-rays, I actually dislocated my knee cap (!!!). I saw an orthopedic surgeon a day after, had my MRI and actually found out that (what the heck) I tore my left ACL ala-Derrick Rose. I was ordered to immediately wear a knee immobilizer, stay at home and come back in 3 weeks (that’s 2 weeks from this post). Based on my knee’s state, I will go to PT/rehab then if things heal the way it should then I’d be good to go.  Otherwise, a knee surgery’s in order. YOWCH.

But of course I refuse to stay at home (your home girl needs to go to work) so I wobble my way to the office on a daily basis looking like this (harhar!):

I wish I can slow things down like a true boss but mannn I can’t! I have so many things to enable you on but my painkillers are making me sleep like a baby for 10-12 hours everyday! Forgive me for the backlog? :)



Do You Really (Like Really, Really) Need LASIK?

I’ve been getting some emails/Twitter DMs/Facebook PMs about LASIK since I wrote about my experience. A lot of it’s around “is it worth it?” or “is it that life changing?”. While my answer to both questions are yes, it’s only you who can answer that for yourself. :) Here’s an infographic I found about LASIK, hope this helps all of you have an informed decision about this medical procedure whether you it’s for you or otherwise.

Via: King Lasik

A Month After: My Shinagawa Intra Lasik Surgery Experience

Phoebe must-haves #throwbackthursday

In 2010, a very good friend of mine had his eyes Lasik’d. He was raving about it and being a near-sighted, astigmatism laced athlete with a grade of 550/575, I knew that I needed it too. I soon had myself screened in the country’s top facility (I’ll let you figure this out heehee) but they rejected my eyes’ condition for a good reason (it’s a long story). I approached 2 more facilities and I got the same response. I was sad that I couldn’t have my eyes “fixed” but of course, I understood and didn’t bother pushing it.

Then again, you see, I’m kind of stubborn. Until I get a finite answer of no, I don’t stop gunning for what I want. So last March, I went to Shinagawa at the Enterprise Center to get my eyes screened. The consultation cost me somewhere around Php 2500-2800. The consultation’s a mix of going through around 8 machines (above) and a couple more tests before the eye surgeon sees you for a final go or no go assessment. Dr. Jaime L. Dinglasan Jr., M.D. DPBO (Senior Surgeon, Cataract and Refractive Surgery) said I can get my eyes Lasik’d but it has to be Intra Lasik or the bladeless Lasik because my left cornea (I hope I remember this correctly!) is too steep and if we go bladed, it might leave a scar. *cartwheels* I wanted to do it that very moment however I had commitments that can’t run with the Lasik recovery (more on this later).

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