Almost a decade ago, New York to me is the city where I was about to get married. Did I just say that out loud? ūüėÄ I was madly head over heels my former flame when I actually decided to pack my bags and bid Manila adieu for good. While everyone’s dying to go to Upper Manhattan, Central Park, and Times Square, I couldn’t wait to get my pre-nup photos taken at my fave NY spots (SOHO included but I thought my then personality and my ex’s didn’t match the vibe heehee):

Little Italy, Lower Manhattan
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Bryant Park
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Grand Central Station
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Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty at Hudson Bay while riding the Staten Island Ferry
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You know how they say that things happen for a reason? I can go on and on telling you what happened next but let’s just say the wedding didn’t happen and well, I’m still single! ūüėõ What I know for sure is that when my heart got broken by that guy, someone’s there for me¬†(every single time actually) the moment I decided that I need to get some sunlight:

Hellooooo Queen S <3

Fast forward to 2014, I love how my big fascination¬†for NY has grown to be filled with more personal, fun, and very fasyon¬†memories. DKNY, a big facet¬†of the said city, recently signed British singer, songwriter and actress¬†Rita Ora to be their muse, more specifically for¬†their latest scent, MYNY. When I went through the MYNY behind the scenes video with Rita Ora, can I just say, this is my now NY story — sexy, spontaneous, energetic, and empowered by¬†hardworking women!

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Travel Tuesday Tip: Packing Light

From 4 out of 8 trips I’ve been to the last 90 days

This summer’s been a wild blur with back to back trips that left me feeling refreshed and breathless (if there’s such thing) at the same time. If there’s anything massively valuable I learned from these trips, it’s the sheer art of packing light. As a beauty blogger, check-ins are mandatory (hello liquids). This summer, I challenged myself to quite literally, backpack my wanderlust away.

My Cebu 68.3km bike ride essentials

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A Splash of Summer by Sample Room

Sample Room, being the ultimate “invisible thread” between me and my #bblogger gal pals, decided to whisk us away from the urban jungle and take us to Pico De Loro for a day of nothing but good vibes. For starters, wouldn’t a pair of¬†Elements Slippers in the mail boost your mood? :)

 How about this kind of problem:

My kind dilemma: choosing a luxe piece from a rack of Soak Swimwear

I ended up with this smoldering number from their latest collection:

I got to wear it the week prior underneath my diving suit at Cebu. I found out that it’s perfect for both lounging and active ocean wear. Super flattering too! :)

Apart from the sign above, this beautiful view welcomed us:

my travel BFF (GoPro Hero 3+) with my FLY Shades and Splash of Summer agenda

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It’s almost 2 weeks of immobility limited mobility for me and it hurts today as much as it did in day 01. It doesn’t get any easier nor better which is scary because come Wednesday, I’m due for a check up. I’m dreading the said day because I might hear the 4 letter word I’m avoiding at all costs: CAST. :(

Apart from not being able to wear my new kicks, what’s really sucky about this situation’s I can’t go to FLOW SurfYogaSamba’s¬†seventh retreat in (of all places) Baler:

Learn to SURF, YOGA & SAMBA on April 28 – 30, 2012, at Aliya Surf Camp, Baler, Aurora!

Baler, as I put it last year, is¬†my kind of Disneyland. Surfing and Bikram yoga’s my flavour of unwinding and working out at the same time so I’m really bummed that I can’t go this April. #wawaface


Anyway, if you’re free and you’re looking for a new kind of natural high that will last ’til you get back to the city, enlist for FLOW SurfYogaSamba’s¬†retreat. It’s guaranteed to give you that plus a whole lot more. :)