Daily Luxe: Toccare Spa Ultimate Body Sculpting Treatment


I find it amusing how until today (when we’ve tried thousands and thousands of different beauty formulas and treatments), my beauty blogger gal pals and I still enable each other. I first heard about Toccare Spa from Sophie last year (read her review here). For her to be beaming about a product or a treatment, it must be very impressive through and through. The moment I moved to the heart of Makati, you guessed it – I penned trying out a service from Toccare Spa stat.

Buon Giorno!

Toccare Spa drew much of its influence from its Italian meaning, “touch”. What I found interesting in this spa is everything’s personalized from the moment you walk in. You will be greeted “Buon Giorno!” (good day in Italian) and be offered pre-selected choices to suit your mood. Walk into bliss by first choosing your massage oil from the bar of lemongrass, peppermint and lavender oils. Layer it with a complementing room fragrance together with the music to be played during the treatment (spa meditative, classical and even pop music).

When I found out that Leah Dy, Managing Director of Toccare Spa, is a spa connoisseur herself, I thought that explained why the facilities were impressive together with the well put together services menu and spa cuisine. The spa guests can enjoy the amenities that complement the spa treatments such as the sauna and steam room (which by the way faces a flat screen TV to avoid guests from getting bored) and heated jacuzzi pools that all have a separate male and female areas. Here’ a quick peek at bliss the facilities so that you’ll have a better understanding on what I’m gushing about.

love the flattering lighting and squeaky clean sink in the female locker room

Isn’t it grand that their nail bar can house 8 guests simultaneously?

one of the handful couples’ rooms 

one of the rooms that can house a group of 4 simultaneously

Here’s a tip: for an ultra luxe experience, do upgrade your room to a Toccare Crystal Room designed to assist in releasing various aches and pains in both the mind and body using healing crystals and chroma therapy.

During this Toccare Spa trip, I tried out their most indulgent body sculpting treatment to date. The signature Tocarre Spa Ultimate Body Sculpting Treatment is a 130-minute ritual that promises supreme luxury with a body scrub, a body wrap, and a unique massage.

All these were used on me!

Save for the photo above where my forearm was slathered with the mud-like gel, I do not have much to show you because I was literally enveloped in bliss for over two hours. The Tocarre Spa Ultimate Body Sculpting Treatment starts with a body scrub using Selvert Thermal Anti Holistic Gel and Anti-cellulite Spices Powder. While waiting for the scrub to be absorbed by the skin, my therapist gave me a scalp massage that quite frankly, left me shivering in delight. It was followed on by a body mud wrap that helps in eliminating body toxins and excess water. To cap the ritual, I got a 60-minute bamboo massage using the Selvert Anti-Cellulite Cream (it aids in reducing fat deposits) and 3 different (bamboo) canes of different diameters and sizes. The whole rolling, sliding and pressing motion is supposed to tone and reshape the body, stimulate body systems and balance body energy.

Feeling so well rested and pampered after the treatment was already great value for our hard earned money. Finding out that I lost a full inch on both upper arms and thighs (yes, 1 inch around on each body part!) was clear proof that you can have the cake and (naturally) eat it too.

Toccare Spa
4th Floor Antel Spa Hotel Suites Antel Lifestyle City,
Makati Ave., Makati City, Philippines
Telephone Number: 403-0808 ext. 2050
12:00 noon-12:00 midnight


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