For Keeps: Lanvin Marry Me!

Last year, I fell in love with Lanvin Marry Me! (read about it here). After finishing two small bottles, I thought it’s time to commit big time.

the small bottle’s ribbon went MIA :-/

Just a side story about this purchase. My biggest daily indulgence is my packed lunch and fancy coffee. I was running on my last couple of spritzes 3 weeks ago when I told her that I need to repurchase (Lanvin Marry Me!) but I have to wait for payday. I was telling my mom there’s no way I can compromise my morning coffee for a 3-in-1 (I tried!) so drip is a must have. Sweet as they are, my parents cooked for me for 1 entire week and that allowed me to purchase this refill upgrade in a snap. :)

Mom & Dad — not sure if you will chance on this post in between your Facebook minutes but thanks and I love you!

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