Friday Q&A: On Eyebrow Essentials, Make-Up Removers and more!


TGIF! Reader Q&A’s back! Shoot me an email at phoebeann[at] if you have a nagging beauty question on hand. 🙂


I like how you “do” your eyebrows. They’re never too drawn (maybe because they’re naturally full?) and not too undone. What do you consider your eyebrow makeup essentials?

Thank you for the eyebrow love. 🙂 You are correct — my eyebrows are pretty full, thankfully even after over plucking them in high school. Honestly, if my lazy bones will take me to the salon to have them professional threaded every two weeks, I’d rather not touch my eyebrows. Then again, I have these trusty eyebrow helpers in tow in my hopes of getting away with “naturally perfected” eyebrows.

When I’m beyond words tamad, I just brush on some Majolica Majorca Brow & Lash Colorist. When I need extra definition, I use the Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil (available in Japan). While it doesn’t hold the hair in place like the Brow & Lash Colorist, I love how I can load up on it without the brows looking too strong. On days when I want to look extra polished, I use the MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme. It has more “hold” compared to Majolica Majorca’s Brow & Lash Colorist. To groom my brows with these products, I use a couple of tried, tested and beat up brushes from Charm.

I think I’m ready to commit to more makeup…but I’m scared of breakouts due to not-so good makeup removers. Is this something I should invest on?

Great question! I believe in 2 integral beauty rules: 1) don’t prick your pimples and 2) always thoroughly remove your makeup towards the end of the day. Call it crazy but more than applying makeup, I favour the “ritual” tied to its removal. I never remove my makeup with plain old baby oil just because I never really got around doing so. My first makeup remover’s the classic Pond’s Cold Cream. If you love the local variant (the one that smells like lemons), you have to try the one from the US too. It smells divine – like freshly picked red roses! I love luxe smelling and feeling makeup removers — it’s a great daily treat after a longgggg day. Here are some more faves:

Since I tried the Leyende Multi-Task Cleanser some 3-4 years ago, I don’t remember a day I ran dry of it. I’m hooked on the light almond scent it bears! Based on my experience, this cleanser’s best applied on the face when it’s just lightly misted/damp. It never stings and I can go up to 5 minutes just massaging it all over my face. To remove heavy eye makeup, I like using Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover. Apart from removing the heaviest eye makeup in seconds, this makeup remover never burned my lids. It’s not inexpensive (I can finish a full sized bottle in 8-10 weeks) but in my opinion, it’s worth every penny. The Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple-Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover is the latest member of the gang. It functions as the name implies where in a pinch, it can be used all the way as a toner. Since the airy foam cleanser transforms to a silky oil upon contact with dry skin, I’m always left with smooth skin everytime I use this. It never emolliates to runny, milky water like my shu uemura Cleansing Beauty Oils (green and yellow pump bottles) but they perform the job very, very closely with each other.

I have dry and falling hair. Is there still hope?

I just need to get this out of my chest: I hate that I can relate to this query. My hair gets really dry when its colour is no longer “fresh” and/or when I frequently swim. In the middle of a sea of products that promises to cure our top 2 hair woes and more, my dermatologist told me to go back to the basics: 1) cut my hair short and 2) simplify my hair care routine. While it pained me to do #1, I still did it an my hair fall was reduced dramatically. Dramatic = from around 100 strands per wash to just 4-10 strands! Apparently, I was just tying and brushing my hair a little too often and this in turn caused the shaft to weaken its grasp from the follicles. 🙁

Now to solve dryness, there are a LOT of moisturizing shampoos out there but the L’oreal Ever Strong Sulfate-Free Range has impressed me one too many ways. First of all – wow. It smells fantastic. Everytime I use it, I feel like I’m transported to a spa because of the rosemary and bergamot scent. It’s not too slippery in the bath yet after rinsing, it feels like my hair’s really drank in the moisture it provides.

I didn’t have an overwhelmingly positive experience with L’Oreal Fall Repair 3X on the first month but on the second month of use (this was before I got a haircut), I started noticing the improvement of my hair texture. It moisturizes my hair without making it flat and this in turn saves me 10 minutes every morning, in my attempt to pump some serious and even volume on my hair. What makes it a total win? Both are under Php 200 a piece!

It’s my first month in college! I want to create the right impression but I feel like I’m wearing perfume that doesn’t suit my personality. I like to try light floral and sweet smelling scents. Any new, long lasting and inexpensive perfumes under your radar?

Ahhh perfumes…mi favorito! 🙂 I’m currently rotating 5 perfumes and 2 of ’em fit the bill like a glove.

Floral, sweet or both?

Fiorucci Icy Fantasy (50ml, Php 2500) smells like the most delish ice cream imaginable on an awful day. It’s that comforting! It’s definitely got some juicy kick to it that dies down to a mild, musky vanilla note.  It also has that playful-naughty vibe to it that’s guaranteed to steal the scene to your favor.

John Galliano’s Parlez-Moi d’ Amour Eau Fraiche (30ml, Php 2500) is a league of its own. When I got my hands on it, I thought I’ve tried plenty of EDTs/EDPs like it but it took me by surprise one morning. I was preparing myself for work when I was suddenly taken back to the memory of having my photo taken at prom! You see, I went to my junior prom with my first boyfriend. At 15, I thought he’s the love of my life. We spent so much on phone calls, music and really, time writing each other love letters. I had the worst penmanship then but I was very happy to write those letters.  🙂 Fifteen years after prom, he’s become a very good friend, almost like a family member (you would every so often see us bantering on Instagram ’til late). I still smile at the thought that once upon a time, I can love like there’s no tomorrow. Thanks to this scent’s unique mix of grapefruit ginger, white rose and Jasmine, that free-spirited soul in me’s revived in a spritz. I highly suggest this if you want something floral that’s not over the top. 🙂


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