Friday Q&A: Should I buy an entire skin care product range or can I mix and match?


Can you believe we’re a stone throw away from being halfway into 2013? Hope you’ve accomplished a lot of your 2013 goals/bucket list must-dos. 🙂


I read somewhere that products are more effective when they’re made of the same ingredients or come from the same “collection”. Is there some truth to this? I feel like my skin needs a serious boost because I look and feel so haggard the last couple of weeks due to work-related stress. Help!

Haggard? Girl I feel you. I feel like dunking my face in a bed of facial masks just to get rid of “stress signs.” Kidding aside, I guess my first question is, do you take vitamins and anti-oxidants? While they have no therapeutic claims, I would strongly suggest you see your doctor for a prescription on what may work for you. Right now, I have a cocktail of multivitamins plus iron as a staple, additional 500 mg of vitamin C (it’s flu season again!) and Thiocell.

I’ve been taking Thiocell for at least a month now to fight signs of aging (thanks to the vitamin D, grape seed extract and Glutathione content) and increase my immunity (it has 100mg of vitamin C). I can’t truly attest to its whitening effect since I’ve been going back and forth to the beach. However, what I can vouch for is 1) how fun it is to take (you take it like a lozenge candy!) and 2) how much more energy I have towards the end of the day. It’s the only thing I changed in my daily routine and I like that “second wind” I get that time of the day when I’m usually a slump.

Now on to the fun part — skin care! My answer to your question is yes and no. Product ranges or collections are developed to complement each other. Because they (usually) have the same chief ingredients, the overall potency is increased hence faster and more visible results. However, some lucky ducks can get away with simple cleansers, toners or SPF protection. If you’re one of them and you’ve had a fantastic relationship with your holy grail product for years, then it might actually do you good if you stick with it and like what they say — don’t fix what’s not broken. Now if you’re hell bent to try new products that come in a collection then I have a couple of recommendations for you. 🙂

Watsons’ dermatologically tested, Korean-made skin care range Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant promises youthful radiance with every bottle. It’s the latest from the brand and it can actually be mixed and matched with other variants from the Pure Beauty label. I’ve tried it for a good while and what I like about this range is that they considered removing the harsh traces of paraben, lanolin and alcohol hence promoting naturally healthy skin. My favorite product from the range is the 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser that doubles as a facial mask (!!!) and the Exfoliating Gel aka. the “save” counterpart of Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

When time and budget permits, I make a dash to my dermatologist for intense pulse light (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) treatments (yes, the need’s gone that bad!). If you’re a fan of IPLs as an anti-aging treatment, you might like the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 range. I while it’s not as immediate as the results of 3 IPL sessions, this range shows efficacy as early as 12 weeks. The small pores and fine lines are less pronounced and quite frankly, at some point, I thought my skin was smoother and more taut compared to the post-IPL effect. It’s not the cheapest skin care range in the drugstore arena but comparing it to lasers, this will definitely last you longer than a 10 minute zapping session.

If you’ve got the budget to invest on your skin’s long term well being, I would encourage you to try the Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening range. If you have facial skin that’s dull, lacks luster and slightly pigmented, Elizabeth Arden’s got you covered from the cleanser all the way to the BB cream in this range. If I must name faves from the range, my vote goes to the Transparent BB Cream, Smooth and Brighten Emulsion and Melanin Control Night Capsules. Because every bit of this range is all about effective science and luxury, your skin is definitely in for a royal treat!

I’m interested to try K-Palette eyeliners however most Beauty Bar stores are inaccessible to me (too far and I work at night therefore all the malls are closed). Do you have a trusted online store that sells K-Palettes at a fair price?

Keeping my wits together at SSS the other day by doing what we do best:
shopping at 🙂

Did you know that Beauty Bar has an online store? Yup, they do have one and there’s so much more to it. Apart from getting your hands on K-Palette eyeliners, they have the rest of their beauty boudoir accessible in their “beauteshopping” site. What I like about the site is that apart from the popular roster of payment options (Visa/MasterCard credit card or Globe GCash), you can also post your order as “Pay and Pick Up” then get it yourself at the Beauty Bar store of your choice. They deliver nationwide via LBC and that’s a double yay if you live cities away from physical stores.

I’m super fair (like Asian-Ivory, MAC NC15-20 fair) and I think I’ve had enough of the “no makeup–makeup look”. Is there a nice alternative out there that’s not too expensive, a little on the darker side but still safe for the workplace? Our office is not too conservative but I don’t want to call too much attention naman.

I think the latest collection peg of Majolica Majorca suits you. 🙂 Majolica Majorca’s Moonlight Virgin collection is all about bringing out your skin’s natural translucence by making the lips naturally shine and the eyes bright and sparkly yet deep and strong.

If you loved last season’s The Little Humming Book I, you are in for a treat because the second installment is also part of this collection. It creates that “translucent and sheen appearance like the moon reflection on water”. For Php 995, I think you’re getting your money’s worth!

To complete the Moonlight Virgin look, there’s also the Shiny Ray Liner that you can use on both your eyes and your lips. It’s “clear pink beige with drop-like sparkling lame” in hue and it lasts on my oily lids (without priming) half-day. The Lash Expander Edge Meister is now available in brown too through this collection and it perfectly complements the blue hues of the palette. Between Lash King and Lash Expander Edge Meister, I recommend the latter if you have very short lashes as it really extends ’em without too much volume. To cap the look, since  you’ve focused on your eyes, just pat some Shiny Highlight on your cheeks. It’s a nice gel cream that you can use on both your eyelids and cheeks that just brightens the area without going over the top. It  doesn’t cake, long lasting and applies velvety smooth too. 🙂


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  1. I’m currently trying Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGEN™ Facial Foam with my ultimate favorite non-invasive beauty gadget the Clarisonic Mia 2 (read about it here )! So far, they both work for my skin.

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