Jewelmer Spring/Summer 2013


Jewelmer recently hosted an exclusive VIP preview of its Spring/Summer collection in its newly renovated Glorietta 4 boutique. With the store’s new cobalt blue installations as a forefront, Xander Angeles (in a hat above) did a live photo shoot to showcase some of the key pieces from the three nature inspired collections: the floral Via Rosa and Dolce Rosa plus the lush and organic Tropics.

Here are some of the photos from that afternoon by Xander Angeles. Couture by Randy Ortiz.


Smooth, glistening curvature creates open petals that let light and air flow through this noble flower. In a geometric ode to the universally beloved rose, the golden South Sea pearl serves as a glowing pulse that centers a collection of vivacious creations.


Unconscious beauty is awakened in a stunning reincarnation of the timeless rose. Scintillating petals unfurl in pavé diamonds, blossoming with the pearl at its heart.

Each sparkling flower is an unforgettable treasure, a sumptuous feast of nature and romance.


From the richest rainforests of the world comes a collection inspired by nature in her most glorious generosity. Precious stones, sparkling gold, and the most beautiful of pearls grow together in exuberant harmony.

Exquisite elements make for an organic creation reminiscent of the earth’s bounty and the many shapes, colors, and textures of the natural world. It is a stunning symbol of how nature returns respect with her own gifts of abundance and plenty.

Apart from the pieces above, there’s another piece that’s swept me off my feet. So bad that I think you can tell what happened next. *good girl grin*

These are just tad bigger than my SSP strung in the bronze cord in this post. I say it was a sign!

Here’s a quick ode two my infamous 2012 birthday lemming:

Mon Secret <333

I’m immensely blessed and privileged to have a mother who loves fine jewelry and an aunt who can source and create whatever our nutty imaginations can come up with. Taking the orange and the blue Mon Secret out of the equation, what “rope” do you suggest I get next to match my fave arm party pieces (worn separately most if not all the time)? Black, deep brown, or pink? 🙂

My mom’s new 10-stone colour bauble dwarfed everything else!


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