Majolica Majorca Chapter 35: Circus Ecstasy


I’m beaming ear to ear every time Majolica Majorca sends some love over. Why not when they’re always housed in such pretty packaging? Case point:

my first MM package
March 2011

Sugary Trap
April 2011

Last Monday, over dinner at Geisha, the usual suspects and I received this gorg black satin box from Cathy of Majolica Majorca. I couldn’t wait to hurry home to snap away and play with the new beauty candy that came with it the moment I Instagrammed (@phoebeannramos) + tweet (@phoebeann) the photo below. Imagine the torture I had to deal with considering I had to wait for 12 more hours (I had work after dinner) before unboxing!

The moment I got home, I didn’t take my sweet time unboxing Majolica Majorca’s 35th chapter aka. Circus Ecstasy. I just pulled the tassle, took a quick snap and unwrapped the red wrapper like a mad woman!

Is this unboxing routine killing you? When I started this blog my inspiration was nothing but the sheer experience of unwrapping what I shopped for, what I worked hard for. I hope I’m able to send some of the thrill your way! 🙂

The mythical, black box contained three of the four Cream de Cheek hues:

Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek
Shell Pink Cream (PK312), Coral Cream (RD 310), Kiichigo/Raspberry Cream (RD411)

Cream de Cheek
Php 495
Available in 4 colours: Custard Cream (OR 313), Shell Pink Cream (PK312), Coral Cream (RD 310), Kiichigo/Raspberry Cream (RD411)

A cheek color that blends in effortlessly leaving a natural healthy glow. A gel cream type with gloss that spreads on smoothly. Its soft texture leaves no sticky feeling. Blends in perfectly to moisturize and maintain a long-lasting color. Treatment effect to keep dry-prone cheeks moisturized at all times. Macadamia nuts oil, Vitamin E derivatives. Use as a base and apply just before a cheek powder to enhance the powder’s color.

How to use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Gently swirl brush around the inside rim of bottle to remove excess. Smile and apply an appropriate amount to the ‘apple’ of your cheek, then pat with fingers while blending in.
  • For a natural finish, dab as if drawing a circle, then gently pat while blending in.

Swatch love:

Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek
swatched on medium-golden skin tone (unblended)
Shell Pink Cream (PK312), Coral Cream (RD 310), Kiichigo Cream (RD411)

These gel cream cheek blushes appear very intense on the swatches but they glide on like a dream and dry like satiny powder! On my golden skin tone, Coral Cream looks the most natural. Shell Pink Cream is like a whisper of colour while Kiichigo/Raspberry Cream is great for building a beautiful contour. I can just imagine how gorg Kiichigo/Raspberry Cream will be on colder months! Note to December and February: please come over quick!

Pushing this product to the brink, I ran with the Cream de Cheek in Coral Cream (together with Lash King) and I’m wowed by its staying power! I’ve wiped my face a couple of times in between and my cheek colour’s still intact. Definitely a keeper for our forever humid and sunny weather! 🙂

Apart from Cream de Cheek, Circus Ecstasy includes Majoromantica Dream Circus Bottle, Crack Nails, Pantomime Hand Cream, and Trick On Line. The last item is also locally available.

Majolica Majorca Chapter 35: Circus Ecstasy

Trick On Liner
Php 595
Available in 2 colours: Black Clown and Rose Clown

Can be used as an eyeliner or to create designs on body. A liquid gel type liner that defines with precise and intense colors. Sweat, oil, tear and waterproof. Glides on smoothly and evenly on skin.  Long-wearing color stays true and looks natural all day long. Treatment effect to keep dry-prone eye area moisturized at all times – Macadamia nuts oil, Vitamin E derivatives. Fine brush type.

How to use:

  • Gently swirl brush around the inside rim of bottle to remove excess. Take tip of brush and draw around the eye area or on skin.
  • To remove, use an oil-based eye makeup remover.

Both the Cream de Cheek and Trick On Liner are now available in Majolica Majorca counters in SM department stores and Watsons.

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