Make Up Factory Transparent Make Up Base


Make Up Factory has been creating a lot of buzz recently and if you don’t know where to start with the brand, I’d like to share with you how I started my love affair with it.

Make Up Factory Transparent Make Up Base

I’m a big (foundation) primer fan and my requisites are simple yet rarely all available in 1 formula. It has to hit all items below:

  • Non-comedogenic, good for sensitive skin
  • Decent slip — I don’t want too much silica in my primer as it makes me oil up really fast
  • Great oil control — I want to keep my blotting to 2-3x a day (in an airconditioned environment) at the most
  • Transparent or translucent — since I self-tan into different gradients, colourless primers are highly preferred
  • Housed in either a pump bottle or tube

Last September, one of my friends who came from Europe gave me the Make Up Factory Transparent Make Up Base as pasalubong. I was ecstatic about it because it’s the first time I’ve heard of the brand and with my friend being a makeup artist, I thought this product’s passed her standards.

One pump does the trick!

My initial thoughts about this product’s very positive as it met all of the qualifications above save for #1 (again, at the onset). I was crossing my fingers that I won’t break out from it and thank heavens I didn’t. I didn’t develop hives too making me assume it’s ok to use on sensitive skin. To apply, I just take 1 pump and dab evenly (not profusely spread as it’s meant to just sit and not sink on your skin) on my face. It comfortably keeps my makeup intact, fresh and clean looking throughout the day. I don’t have plenty of friends flying back and forth Europe reason why the hoarder in me’s kept calm with the brand being finally available at our steadfast reach.

Make Up Factory has just opened its doors in the former Make Up For Ever space in B:8 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.


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  1. I called primers instant pampagising at pampaporeless hahaha. friends keep on looking but can’t quite figure what’s diff about you lol.

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