911 Father’s Day Gift Idea from Kiehl’s

This is exactly how my daddy friends feel about skin care — if it works, then stick with it, stock up on it, and love it to bits. The more efficient it is, the better.

Miss JP clinging on to Kiehl’s Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting,” Firming, Lifting, and Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer with her dear life <3

Kiehl’s promises three simple yet very strong claims that addresses the basic problems men have with their skin:

  • Men’s skin is thicker – making their skin age slowly, but with more pronounced wrinkles later on. With Kiehl’s Heavy Lifting, the skin is properly exfoliated and moisturized, then allowing for optimal lifting and firming
  • Men’s skin is prone to more damage – given the harsh environment that they submit their skin to, their exposure to UVA and UVB rays, and their wrestle with pollutants and irritants, Kiehl’s Heavy Lifting acts against wrinkles while decreasing skin inflammation. Powered with Caffeine, the skin’s puffiness is reduced, and fuelled with Vitamin C, men get back their younger and healthier looking skin
  • Men are naturally oilier and sweatier – men fear using products they consider as additional oil, but Kiehl’s Heavy Lifting is powered with glycerine that effectively absorbs moisture leaving no trace of greasiness

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3-Step Instaflush!

My blown out, instaflush must-haves <3

Bobbi Brown once said “Nothing makes a woman look prettier than a pop of blush. It’s an instant lift and the quickest way to add a healthy glow to the face.”. I agree with her 101%! For drab days when I wake up late and don’t really have the luxury of time and energy to prettify to the nines, I solely depend on my blush and gloss before heading out the door. Recently, I added 3 steps (and products) in my makeup kit that I think y’all should also give a try since they’re able to not just give me a mini lift but also an even glow on the apples of my cheeks. The best part about it? They won’t take forever and a day to apply.

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Fighting Blemishes with Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

Days after I got back from Cebu, my skin went on a wild havoc. Mind you – there’s no exaggeration in here. My face broke out to heights unimaginable to me at this day and age when I thought I’d be finally done and over with red, angry pimples and zits

Apparently not with this kind of heat that profusely opens up the pores and just sucks everything right in. :(

I intended to buy a birthday present for a friend when I found myself lost in the Clinique Rustans Makati counter with their counter advisor Anya. I needed a 3-Step #3 travel size kit when she recommended that I give the Anti-Blemish Solutions a run for its money since it’s more apt for my skin condition. I still had plenty of their Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser so I opted out of the cleanser from this range and got the three products below instead.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Trio (left-right)
Clarifying Lotion (Php 1520)
All-Over Clearing Treatment (Php 1750)
Spot Treatment Gel (Php 1200)

First of all, this range is not exactly the cheapest solution to clear, sensitive skin. I shelled out a total of Php 4470, twice my derma’s usual cocktail price tag but only a third of the usual 9-11 step range. I was crossing my fingers that this will work for me because the last time I changed ranges, this happened.

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Travel Tuesday Tip: Packing Light

From 4 out of 8 trips I’ve been to the last 90 days

This summer’s been a wild blur with back to back trips that left me feeling refreshed and breathless (if there’s such thing) at the same time. If there’s anything massively valuable I learned from these trips, it’s the sheer art of packing light. As a beauty blogger, check-ins are mandatory (hello liquids). This summer, I challenged myself to quite literally, backpack my wanderlust away.

My Cebu 68.3km bike ride essentials

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Melt-Proof FOTD Must-Haves

Just over the weekend, I must have received anywhere from 7-10 queries on  what foundation’s best to be used in this 38-41C Manila weather. I don’t use public transportation to and fro the office on a daily basis but I feel your pain – the moment I get in the car, I immediately brew a deadly makeup meltdown! :(

I’m tad partial to powder these days because my complexion these days is just SO oily but liquid and cream formula’s still queen in the arena of utmost flawlessness. I gathered all of my superstars the last 3 weeks and these are the formulas that stood and won the test of Manila heat and humidity:

Let’s break the roster one by one from left to right, shall we? Coincidentally, they’re also arranged from the lightest and sheerest to the most tan and most opaque. :)

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