Daily Luxe: Estee Lauder Crescent White Brightening Powder Makeup SPF 25

Just before I went to the US over the holidays, I got dibs on Estee Lauder’s latest cult offering. Their Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening range launched locally last month is taking Asia by storm being carefully formulated to be used as a comprehensive, 24-hour brightening system. It promises to be gentle enough for year-long use, dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested, and non-acnegenic (big yay for me!). As with most skin care systems, every step’s well thought of to work with the other products within the same product range. What’s said to be great about this range is that for something so potent and effective, it’s only worth 5 steps before makeup.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Cleanser Php 2000
This ultra-gentle foam thoroughly cleanses skin of impurities without disturbing its protective moisture barrier. Calming ingredients complement the regimen’s NEW Light Cycle QD Complex and help minimize irritation that can contribute to excess melanin.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion Php 3150
Infusing skin with the exclusive NEW Light Cycle QD Complex, this Japan Quasi-Drug Whitening & Anti-Inflammatory (China Special Function Spot) formula helps correct the look of dark spots and prevent new ones from forming. Skin is revitalized with a surge of hydration and prepared to maximize benefits from the formulas that follow.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Spot Correcting Essence Php 5650
The key to this all-new brightening regimen, this high-performance essence evens skintone and significantly reduces the look of dark spots. Dullness disappears until light seems to come from deep within. Pure and potent, the Japan Quasi-Drug Whitening & Anti-Inflammatory (China Special Function Spot) formula features the complete NEW Light Cycle QD Complex.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Creme Php 3900
This Japan Quasi-Drug Whitening & Anti-Inflammatory (China Special Function Spot) skin-cushioning creme helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, help correct the look of dark spots and prevent new ones. Skin feels smoother and more supple, looks more translucent, even-toned and bright.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Protector SPF 50/PA++++ (PA+++ in China) Php 2600
Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this high-level SPF 50/PA+++++. Fortified with UVA/UVB protection, powerful anti-oxidants and soothing anti-irritants soothe and calm skin and help protect against oxidative damage. Skin is left looking brighter and more luminous. The formula’s smooth, lightweight texture is easy to apply and primes skin for makeup application.

What I got as a media sample from this range is the Crescent White Brightening Powder Makeup SPF 25 (powder refill Php 2500, empty compact Php 800). It creates a super flawless look over right about any primer I use. It’s nicely long-wearing (6-8hrs of indoor wear), non-caking, and helps me control oil and minimize pore appearance throughout the day. The powder is SO FINE whether you apply it by brush or sponge. I love this powder a lot — much better and comfortable to wear than most of the high end powders I’ve tried in the past.

More product shots and FOTD after the cut! :)

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NOTD Must-Have: Girl Stuff Bloggers’ Elite Summer Collection

Last Monday, over overflowing cupcakes and chocolates, we said hello to the hottest and most colourful nail candies this season, the Girl Stuff Bloggers’ Elite Summer Collection.

Topaz Horizon (chartreuse), AskMeWhats (bohemian pink)
Struttingonsunshine (sky blue), GoJackieGo (lime green)

For starters, bohemian pink has been named after the blog AskMeWhats. Behind this blog is working mom Nikki Tiu. An HR professional who moonlights as a make-up artist, Nikki is a nail art enthusiast who absolutely adores the color pink. The moment she laid eyes on Girl Stuff AskMeWhats, she fell in love with it. “Girl Stuff’s bohemian pink is not the usual pink shade that you see in other polish brands. AskMeWhats is an extraordinary , very feminine shade. Kind of like an orchid because of its lilac undertone. What’s more, it reminds me of my Mom whose favorite color is lilac. This perfect blend of pink and lilac reflects a very young, cheerful vibe just like my personality. “

Fashion entrepreneur, event organizer and blogger Christina Decena’s Struttingonsunshine blog inspired Girlstuff’s sky blue shade. “What struck me the most with this blue shade is its brilliance! I see sunny skies and cerulean seas… This shade speaks to me. It’s like a dreamy cruise in a bottle!” she enthuses. “It’s the perfect shade for me because it encapsulates my wanderlust for the world!”

Girlstuff’s lime green shade reminds blogger Jackie Go of a tropical paradise. “Girlstuff totally nailed it with this shade. It has captured the calming hue of nature. And this type of shade works well with any skin tone. So it’s a perfect shade to frolic in this summer.” A mother of two and a model, Jackie’s blog Go Jackie Go is a channel for spreading good news and good vibes to women.

The market head of a baby magazine, blogger Frances Amper Sales’ sunnier-than-the-sun disposition is best captured in Girlstuff’s chartreuse shade. “This yellow shade is so bright and happy, you just won’t be able to ignore it! It’s bold and fun!” she pronounces. On her Topaz Horizon blog, she shares stories of her many roles as a woman.

I would usually shy away from shades this bright and sunny but they’re so creamy and shiny, I wanted them all in a heartbeat! Here are some nail swatches from Girl Stuff:

AskMeWhats (bohemian pink), Struttingonsunshine (sky blue)
GoJackieGo (lime green), Topaz Horizon (chartreuse)

Apart from the collection, the usual beauty suspects and I also got to play with other Girl Stuff nail lacquers and accessories. Yes, we’re like in a very girly playground! :)

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Sample Room Summer BBQ

More than another beauty review, I want to share some photos with you from a weekend with the girls some two Saturdays ago. It’s yes, that time of the year when your favourite beauty bloggers are whisked away from the city and our laptops and enticed to just lounge and chika all day.

If you would recall, right around the same time last year, we spent an entire day under the sun (in multiple layers of sunblock of course LOL) at Pico De Loro. This year, we were gladly kidnapped and brought to Wilson’s Place (Tagaytay). :) It was scorching hot when we arrived and you can tell what’s the first order of business — apply Belo SunExpert Sunblock! I tried their new mist and it’s nice, ha! Lakas maka-goddess ng sheen nya.

Second order of business? Snack on like 2nd graders with some of our favourite nibbles and candies! :D

ps. our girl Sophie‘s calligraphy’s skills are to die for!

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Happy 100th Birthday, Maybelline New York!

image source

Has it really been 10 decades since Maybel Williams sparked a fire and changed the history of beauty? Quite literally actually as she attempted to enhance her very own lashes that were accidentally burnt. Her instafix? She concocted a mixture of Vaseline with coal dust to make them look darker and fuller. Inspired by this ingenious idea, Tom Williams, Maybel’s entrepreneurial brother, cooked up the world’s first commercially available mascara called Lash-Brow-Ine. In 1916, a year after Maybel’s accident, Tom changed Lash-Brow-Ine’s name to Maybelline after Maybel (no less!) and Vaseline. Being the mascara pioneer of the world, Maybelline changed their mascara packaging to the iconic pink tube and green cap also known as the drugstore cult find, Great Lash.

This 2015, we’re in for a double treat! To celebrate 100 years of iconic beauty, for a limited time only, Maybelline Philippines is bringing back their most popular and well-loved mascaras by fanatics worldwide – the Great Lash mascara. From April 2015 until September 2015, or until supplies last, Great Lash will be available nationwide in all leading department stores, beauty stores, and selected supermarkets for only Php 350 a pop. For Sample Room members, you’re in for a real treat because you can grab a wand to try and love for FREE! :) :) :)

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MAC Toledo

Over high heels and FriYAY canapes, we said hello to the latest MAC collaboration to grace our shores, MAC Toledo. It wasn’t until early last year that I was acquainted with the romantic Cuban-American husband (artist) and wife (fashion designer) powerhouse. At 13, Ruben Toledo felt love at first sight towards Isabel. Isabel on the other hand, fell in love with Ruben’s work before falling in love with him.


Poetic colour ushers in a new vitality following winter’s deep chill, as uninhibited shades dance across the face in a free-spirited collection inspired by whimsical flights of fancy. Liberate yourself from darkened tones and explore the free-form movement of frosted lavender, pearlized champagne and pale mint green. Eyes and cheeks explore a new lightness of being in sheer pastels, a perfect complement to rosy lips. Nails leave you free to be, in hushed beige and lavender…expressive colour for the modern spirit.

As bright as their personalities and work outside of the makeup industry, the MAC Toledo collection is just as bold and vibrant as you would imagine it to be. The collection’s packaging is dominantly white with black scribbles and whispers of red letters. The actual products? They’re pops of colour summer’s summoned us to stock on.

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