pureDKNY A Drop of Rose: Surreal *and* Nice


How do you dress up a plain, white, V-neck shirt? With a scarf? A colourful choker? Dangling earings? If I had to answer this question some 5 years ago, I would say all of the above. 🙂 These days though (ok fine, the last half decade) my wardrobe has leaned towards the classics and less costume jewelry. I have been investing on pearls, gems, leather and neutral makeup. These must haves (pretty much) dictate my 9-5 look.

my happy Friday stash

If I have to ID the items I frequently shuffle around my boudoir, I’m afraid I’m left with just lipsticks (hello too many reds) and perfume. I recently received the third installment of the pureDKNY fragrance range called A Drop of Rose and I’m over the moon.

I’d say the timing couldn’t be more perfect since it’s already summer and I’m trying to shy away from heavier musks. A Drop of Rose took me by surprise because it’s nothing like the old fashioned, lola levels (I just had to type it out because I cannot say this in person heehee) floral EDT/EDP. To me, it smells like a freshly bloomed white or pink rose — simple, classic, soft and elegant. Exactly the peg I want to sport, hopefully I’ll get there soon. 🙂

Just like A Drop of Verbana and A Drop of Vanilla, A Drop of Rose (through its partnership with CARE) endeavors to make and impact on improving the financial future of women, one drop at a time. By purchasing its rose ingredient from local Turkish farmers (the majority of whom are women), pureDKNY’s already taken a step to help secure long-term rose production in Isparta.

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose is now available in all Rustan’s Department Store. It comes in two sizes: 50ml (Php 3500) and 100ml (Php 4900).


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