Saridon: My 911 Headache Buster


Do you frequently get headaches? I do. I have this nasty cocktail of headache inducing traits and activities:

  • bad eyesight — grade + astigmatism
  • blog on the go (while in transit en route to the office or home)
  • love reading for hours off a tablet or PC
  • off-working hours — my shift’s from 12mn ’til 9am
  • travel daily during broad daylight after being enclosed in a dark freezing room

Overtime, I got over acute and frequent pangs. Some say I should be thankful but today, whenever I get a headache, it’s already borderline migraine. I’m usually immobile and nauseous. I tear up so bad and couldn’t possibly think. Can you imagine who wins when headache strikes at work? #wawaface

I’ve tried plenty of OTC medicine over the years and while they work, they usually take forever to take effect or they make me fall asleep. Roughly two years ago, one of my managers from London asked me to try this headache medicine from Bayer called Saridon. It claims to cure headaches as fast as 15 minutes. Begging for the lights to be shut off, I popped a tab of Saridon (versus leading brands where you need to take 2 for immediate effect) and hoped for the best. I timed Saridon and it did live up to its promise: it worked as fast as 15minutes, I didn’t feel sleepy, and I didn’t get a recurring headache the latter part of the day. Instant win! Imagine how giddy I was when I found out that it’s now locally available. πŸ™‚ No need for pabilis abroad!

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Saridon (Triple Action) is an analgesic specially formulated to treat severe headache in as fast as 15 minutes.Each Saridon tablet contains Paracetamol, Propyphenazone and Caffeine, a unique combination that provides effective and long lasting pain relief.

Generic: Caffeine, Paracetamol, Propyphenazone

Indications: For the relief of mild to severe headaches, relief of pain such as headache, toothache, menstrual discomfort, postoperative and rheumatic pain, and for pain and fever associated with colds and flu.

Recommended Dosage: Adults: 1-2 tablets single dose. Adolescents 12-16 years: 1 tablet single dose. If necessary, 3 doses may be taken within 24 hours.


Today, I won’t say I’m addicted to Saridon but let’s just say I don’t leave home without it. It’s also my team’s headache drug of choice whenever the uncalled for happens at work. With numerous service levels to be met on a daily basis, we can’t afford operationsΒ to be impaired due to a nasty headache! πŸ™‚

Going back to my question — doΒ you frequently get headaches? Tell me and answer the questions beneath the cut to win the following:

a versatile Avon Manzinni tote (I love this to bits I got you one too!)

…and a gift pack from our friends from Bayer πŸ™‚

Bayer & Saridon Giveaway Mechanics:

  1. Contest is open to Philippine residents only. Deadline of entries is on 29 February 2012.
  2. LIKE theΒ Roar Integrated Marketing Communications page on Facebook. They helped us acquire these goodies from Bayer. YAY! πŸ™‚
  3. Answer these two questions: “What triggers your headaches?” and “How do you cure your headaches?”.
  4. All answers are to be published below.
  5. There will be a random winner drawn from the pool of entries.
  6. The winner will be notified via email.
  7. The prize may only be claimed in person through a meetup (appointment to be set) in Makati City.

Contest CLOSED! πŸ™‚ The winner is:Β Claire Cruz

What triggers your headaches?
– not eating rice in a day.
– bad eyesight.

How do you cure your headaches?
– i eat immediately then take OTC drug.


37 thoughts on “Saridon: My 911 Headache Buster

  1. wow it has caffeine? anyway, have you tried dolfenal? i get migraines a lot too. and it’s the only med that works for me. anyway, i’ll try saridon out too. πŸ™‚

  2. My headache got worse whenever i’m so stress and parating nasa harap ng computer which is nangyayari everyday kasi required sa work. Im really sure its because of my astigmatism,whenever it happen parang bumaligtad iyong mundo,para akong lumulutang, i feel numb walang lakas.I cure my headaches through taking a cold bath and sleeping early,i dont depend on medicines kasi im allergic to some.

  3. I suffer from frequent headaches ever since I was in grade 2, hell lot of pain. I was diagnosed to have a poor eyesight, and then when I was in college, my doctor told me I’m suffering from an uncorrected astigmatism, wherein one symptom is the afternoon headaches. Triggers? There are many, but on top of the list, it would be because of my job, sitting infront of a PC for atleast 8 hours. As most people are today, I can’t really live without the net, so that’s additional 6 hours, at the most. I also love reading, so I read whenever I can, even with the dimmest lighting, on transit, or wherever, just to kill time. I always have a pain-killer (e.g., mefenamic) on my bag, but sometimes, it’s not curing anything, despite religiously following the “every 4 or 6 hours” of intake. So when that doesn’t work, I just rest and sleep. Sometimes, the headache will still be there, but most often than not, the following morning will be pain-free (that is, until the clock strikes 4 or 5 haha)

  4. Hi Phoebe!

    I always get headaches from glaring light when travelling, and from being online all the time (social media work). Sometimes, I also get headaches from lack of sleep, late lunches and hangover. Haha, I live a charmed life πŸ˜›

    What I do is pop your run-of-the-mill paracetamol and suck it in. If I’m at home, I try to take a break from online work and get some shuteye. So really, I badly need to try Saridon! πŸ˜€

  5. Just like you I have poor eyesight. This usually triggers my headache specially If I don’t have my glasses on. Another factor is reading presentations over and over again.

    First relief is go straight to the clinic, (if my emergency box ran out of Advil) and pop one pill. This should give me relief in 3-4hrs time. But eating a banana really helps me a lot. :)) (I’m not sure if there is a scientific proof about this)

    Ms.Phoebs, can i ask you where d’ya work? I’m just curious.

    1. I am Junkie Poo’s yaya and cook. #fact πŸ˜‰

      According to

      PHOEBE ANN RAMOS. Phoebe is the author of the blogsite When she’s not busy with her day job as the National Accounts leader for Nasdaq-listed Automatic Data Processing Inc., Phoebe loves to blog about fashion, shopping, beauty and make-up.

  6. What triggers your headaches?
    — I suffer from migraine attacks and this is usually triggered by a sudden burst of light that pierces my eyes.
    — Minor headaches are usually caused by hunger and exhaustion.

    How do you cure your headaches?
    — For migraine attacks, I take 2 tabs of Excedrin for migraine. It helps a little but not totally.
    — For minor headaches, I take 2 tabs of Advil.

  7. I am farsighted and anemic and both of it causes me head ache most of the time. If it is bearable, I just sleep it out and rest (its also a sign that I should increase my Iron intake), but if I have to go to work, I take paracetamol.

  8. Smoke from cigarettes (specially in an enclosed space :()usually triggers my headache.
    I would always have a lemon scent near me or better yet get away from all the smoke…:)


  9. OMG! I have lived with headaches since I was a kid! Migraines, don’t even get me started. I’ve gone from Biogesic, to Alaxan, even Arcoxia, and just plain old Advil. I’ve lost entire weekends because of headaches.

    Triggers? Dehydration, hunger, heat. Stress.
    Cure? Cold shower, two Advils, Arcoxia, soothing massage. Sometimes, none. Breathing exercises.

    Me wants your loot! πŸ™‚

  10. Stress and lack of sleep usually triggers my headache. What I do is take Advil to lessen the pain or I try to get lots of sleep…. πŸ™‚

  11. my hubby gets frequent headaches too and he takes meds that, like what you say, makes him sleepy and tired a few hours later. good thing, the in-laws are coming here soon. i’ll ask them to buy for us and we’ll try for ourselves! thanks dear!!

  12. I occasionally get headaches when I stare at the computer screen or when I read for a long period of time. I noticed that the worst ones usually occur before my period. I’d get cranky at the slightest sound. The pain seems to concentrate between my brows. What I’d do is I’d rub a menthol roll (purchased from a Chinese drugstore) against my forehead, take a pain reliever and sleep it off. If sleeping off ain’t possible, then I have no choice but to use the menthol roll, take a pain reliever and go through whatever I’m doing. But I need chocolates and potato chips at hand so I wouldn’t bite other people’s head off.

  13. The worst headache I ever had happened when I was in college, reviewing for my upcoming board exam, lack of sleep. I have difficulty focusing to my studies because of the muscle tension headache that I’ve experienced. It lasted for an hour. I just took my maximum allotment of prescription headache meds and took a lot of rest.

  14. What triggers my headache? Sleepless nights, PMS, and being overworked. My remedy? I take a bath to cool off, rest, and if all these won’t work. Then I take a paracetamol.

  15. What triggers your headaches?
    Anxiety – When I’m extremely upset or anxious
    Glare – Intense, bright light outdoors & sun glare in the car
    Noise – High levels of noise & ongoing noisy conditions at work or at home
    Eating & Sleeping Patterns – Skipping meals or fasting / Getting too much sleep or too little sleep
    Hormones – just before I had my menstruation

    How do you cure your headaches?
    I cure my headaches by taking Paracetamol and resting for at least a half hour or I will try to sleep.

  16. β€œWhat triggers your headaches?” and β€œHow do you cure your headaches?”
    Wow, Saridon sounds like a heaven sent product. At times, I do have a cup of coffee to help cure me of my headache. I usually get headaches when it is too hot, get stressed, or I’m dehydrated. I take mefenamic acid or a paracetamol, or I take a nap. At times, these methods do not work for me.

  17. Saridon is very effective for terrible headache. In just less than 15 minutes i got great results. I would recommend this to my friends!

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