It’s almost 2 weeks of immobility limited mobility for me and it hurts today as much as it did in day 01. It doesn’t get any easier nor better which is scary because come Wednesday, I’m due for a check up. I’m dreading the said day because I might hear the 4 letter word I’m avoiding at all costs: CAST. :(

Apart from not being able to wear my new kicks, what’s really sucky about this situation’s I can’t go to FLOW SurfYogaSamba’s seventh retreat in (of all places) Baler:

Learn to SURF, YOGA & SAMBA on April 28 – 30, 2012, at Aliya Surf Camp, Baler, Aurora!

Baler, as I put it last year, is my kind of Disneyland. Surfing and Bikram yoga’s my flavour of unwinding and working out at the same time so I’m really bummed that I can’t go this April. #wawaface


Anyway, if you’re free and you’re looking for a new kind of natural high that will last ’til you get back to the city, enlist for FLOW SurfYogaSamba’s retreat. It’s guaranteed to give you that plus a whole lot more. :)

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