Unboxing: Kiss Dry Goodbye! BDJ Box (May 2015)

Has it really been half a year since I last did this? *snicker* Unboxing subbies has always excited me because really, life is more fun with surprises! Last month’s BDJ Box offering is something I’d usually shy from since I don’t really have dry skin but mannnnnn this lakas maka-forever summer has been burning my hair and skin like silly! Add the crazy travel schedule I’m doing pa et viola! Recipe for dry skin disaster. :(

I like this box’s contents because of the value and the variety. Some players I’ve tried, some are absolutely new to me. Do you see YAYs on your books below?

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Unboxing: BDJ Box x Max Factor (December 2013)

Just before we bid 2013 adieu, BDJ Box (Php 580/box) and the make up of make up artists, Max Factor,  curated a capsule collection to “give every woman the chance to feel and look like a star”. I love that my BDJ Christmas box is not just straightforward but also includes one of their iconic product from the 50s, the Crème Puff Pressed Powder.

Image Source

*swoon* Growing up, I definitely saw this product from my late Lola Amada’s boudoir. Sometimes it’s in a golden pan, sometimes light blue (refills were big back then). What I find interesting about this product (together with other Max Factor classics) is that the formula’s barely changed. It’s yes, heavily perfumed and rather minimalist in terms of benefits but hey — if something’s not broken, why bother fixing it? Might as well delve on other product lines and formulas, right?

Max Factor Vogue print ad from 1958
Image Source

The Crème Puff Pressed Powder, being the star of this month’s box deserves the spotlight because it’s downright awesome esp. for photo shoots and selfie moments. It’s not as creamy as most cream-to-powder formulas today but it just wows me how a powder as pressed (pardon the pun) can appear rather sheer and luminous on the skin. Frankly, it feels light and blurs most imperfections. You can definitely call it Camera 360 in a pan. For Php 575 for a huge 21g pan, I think that’s a bargain staring at you. I highly recommend applying it with a velour puff (invest in one…so worth it!) for best results.

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Unboxing: Blushing Beauty BDJ Box (November 2013)

This November, the BDJ Box is making us blush…literally! The team put together a box full of products that endeavor to make us “blush like the beauty that we are”. From bathing us with a delightfully creamy concoction to making our kissers shimmer with delight, the BDJ Box this month’s definitely got us covered. :)

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LIFE IN COLOUR: An Exclusive Elite BDJ Box by Colour Collection

Junkie Poo x my Elite BDJ Box by Colour Collection
My oh my they’re both huge!

I received my Exclusive Elite BDJ Box by Colour Collection (Php 1880 for over Php 6000 in value) just before the long weekend and I’ve been toying with it since then. I love how BDJ Box comes up with these collaborations that always tug the beauty enthusiasts’ hearts, whether they’re just collecting or have an extensive boudoir and selection. While I fall on the latter, the massive white box still made my heart go cartwheelin’ in anticipation during the unboxing. :)

Colour Collection has got a special place in my boudoir because it’s one of those affordable brands that’s been well thought of and researched on. It’s not as available on a whim like most drugstore brands but like Avon, purchasing from a dealer actually improves someone’s lifestyle. Seriously now, I find a lot of beauty (‘scuse the pun) in that. :)

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Unboxing: Maybelline Express It x BDJ Box October 2013

Mmmonday. Whether we like it or not, it’s here to stay. Why not make it a little sweeter by a little beauty box unboxing, yea? :)

Sugar N Spice, Femme Fatale, Runway Rock, Queen of Extreme, Scene Stealer, Wild Thing.
Which one are you?

This October, BDJ Box and Maybelline put their beautiful heads together to come up with boxes to tickle their subscribers’ fancy. Should I’ve known that there are multiple boxes this month, I would’ve gambled on getting three as I want to get my hands dirty with Runway Rock and Scene Stealer as well being my other 2 go-to looks! </hoarder>

Like Nikki and Liz, I got the Sugar N Spice BDJ Box x Maybelline Express It stash. I’m pleased to get this one because it perfectly works with my daily corporate ensemble. :)

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