Panda Eyes Begone!

Pandas are without a doubt — one of the most irresistibly beautiful animals out there. C’mon! How can you resist these cuties!

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Oohs and awws aside, our faces (specifically our eye area) morphing into a panda’s ain’t cute. Here’s how I’ve been holding up lately due to the sleeplessness and poor diet (I’m too tired to have dinner!):

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Double whammy: I need look well-rested everyday. I have to work double time on this because I also work at night so looking puyat is status quo. To avoid looking like a panda (contouring my cheeks is another story LOL), here are the products I’ve been reaching out for more and more lately:

My New Anti-Panda Look Must-Haves from Estee Lauder (like my collection name?):
Stay-In-Place High Cover Concealer & Extreme Zero Smudge Mascara

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Just Like Fireworks But Better: Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eye Shadow Palette in Angel Peach

Before I go on professing my love for this new palette from Estee Lauder, the true star of this blog would like to send her new year greetings.

Happy New Year! Please don’t mind my nails, I just broke our nail cutter into 3 pieces. :)

We had a very quiet new year here in our home — only the second time (celebrating here) within the 27 years I’ve been a resident. My family is very small (only 8 humans and 5 legged babies), affording us to have intimate celebrations year after year. After all the fireworks have been set out, I went out to see my friends and ended up having breakfast for the road. They say that you will be with the people whom you started the year with for the rest of the year and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chihuahua, the South, then Recovery Food. WIN!


Now on to the fireworks in my makeup boudoir… :)

I’ve been toying around my Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eye Shadow Palette in Angel Peach (Php 2500) for almost two months now. It’s been one of my go-to palettes recently for day to night affairs because it’s compact, versatile and downright photogenic — both on the pan and on my lids.

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Estee Lauder Holiday 2013 Fragrance and Makeup Sets

The holidays are undeniably here! From #christmastree hashtag overload to Christmas carols blaring in our malls, the pressure to start (or complete if you’ve been good!) shopping’s building massively day after day! :)

For your go-to gal pal, the bestest mom in the world, in laws you ought to win, or even yourself, Estee Lauder has all things pretty and beautiful. Check them out below as you might be able to cross out some of those names & gifts off your lists.

Beautiful To Go
Php 3350

Pleasures To Go
Php 3200

Holiday Makeup Artist’s Portfolio
Php 3900

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Tutorial Tuesday: Prime Makeup Look

The Perfect Prime Look by Bobbi Brown

We’ve all heard about prime makeup but really, is it just the 5-minute no makeup look? After blogging for some 8 years now, I can definitely say otherwise. Over the course of 8 years, my skin’s gone through a lot of changes ranging from different sorts of breakouts, the dreaded appearance of fine lines, extreme tanning (both from a bottle and au naturelle thanks to surfing), occasional brightening and various dermatologist-approved procedures (acne surgery, RF and chemical peeling). These changes prompted me to shuffle a lot of products just to achieve the prime look for both work and play.

I’m sure you can tell that based from the photo above, the first thing we need to achieve this look is to have impeccably clear and toned skin skin. What if you don’t have the luxury of time to achieve so through skin care? Are all hopes gone?

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