The Epic Kitties Day Out aka. Team E UBE at Tagaytay


You heard us gush about it over and over. Let me share some of my fave and what I think are rather epic snaps from our UBE (I think this is best coined as “ultimate bundat experience”) weekend:

We heard it’s mandatory to take a snap in this spot:

Really — we don’t know what we’re doing here although this comes naturally to me because when I play with Junkie I do this pose (and no, she doesn’t like it):

I came from what seemed like a Friday shift that lasted forever (I was up at 2pm Friday and out of office by Saturday 8am) so I slapped on my ultimate anti-haggard secret: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask. It works all the time!

We had dinner at Hawaiian BBQ (aka. Shen’s place in Tagaytay):

E-P-I-C baby back ribs (BB 9300 placed beside it for scale):

Back at the hotel uhmmm no, Nikki and I didn’t coordinate our Forever21 OOTDs. :)) We actually have a video dancing and no, I won’t upload it. :))

Just for kicks I decided to host a mini contest I was dead sure the girls will find very challenging. The mechanics’re very simple: smallest kikay kit excluding makeup (that’s a different story altogether) wins. Here’s mine:

Here are theirs:

The winner and her prize!

After that contest we had another game hosted by Dang. For some reason we don’t have photos to boot (thank heavens!). Just before we called it a night, we judged my birthday giveaway:

The morning after — this is us caffeinated:

Lunch at Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro:

Pre-dessert snaps:

My favourite dessert: Mochiko! I tried the new flavour aka. Cookie Dough and it was so creamy good!

Just before Sophie, Brigitte and I split, we shared yet another meal:


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